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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by bearman, May 19, 2006.

  1. bearman

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    Any suggestions on this N scale logging track plan will be welcome. I want to run two trains with DCC. Initial ideas on operation will be one loco delivering cut logs to the saw mill, and picking up loaded wood chip gondolas, loaded lumber cars, and empty log cars and delivering the wood chips to the kraft mill, picking up empty gondolas, then delivering lumber to the lumber yard, picking up empties, deliveirng empty lumber cars to the saw mill and empty logging cars to the logging area. The second loco will deliver chemicals and raw materials to the kraft mill, empty box xcars to the paper mill, and pick up empty chemical/raw material cars and loaded box cars for delivery to interchange track.

    Would appreciate and suggestions.
  2. santafefan

    santafefan New Member

    Looks very interesting, plenty there to keep your mind occupied, good luck, have fun.:thumb:

  3. cornerhobbyshop

    cornerhobbyshop New Member

    Looks great to me, what engine will you be using and what era?
  4. 3railguy

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    I like it and the operation is well thought out. They only thing I would change is to cut down the number of spurs in the yard. It's too crowded in my opinion and will make making up trains tedeous. It also imbalances a good track to scenery ratio. The length of a spur should have at least 8" beyond the number of cars you plan to spot.
  5. bearman

    bearman Member

    Thanks for your comments. I plan on diesel set in 1960's/70's Maine. I believe that I can get Maine Central, Bangor & Aroostook and Canadian Pacific diesels along with rolling stock from the same RR's. Rolling stock can also include B&M and maybe New Haven.

    As for 3railguy's comment, I will put careful thought into it. I adapted another plan I found and what I liked about it was the yard, which I have modified somewhat. Sounds like I may consider taking at least one of the yard spurs out.
  6. engineshop

    engineshop Member

    I think the lower yard ( logging yard) needs more work. You might think about using only one access line to the yard with left and right switches instead of 4 with only right switches. It should give you also more yard space.
    I like the layout since you can access all the lines no matter in which direction you run your train.
  7. bearman

    bearman Member

    I appreciate the advice, engineshop. Needless to say, the yard appears to be the major area for improvement. I'm trying to visualize what you have suggested and will play with it later on this evening. The original plan that I adapted had a portion of the yard nearerr where the paper mill is located and my redesign was an attempt to move the yard entirely away from the middle spurs which I added for the paper and kraft mills.

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