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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by nalmeida, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. nalmeida

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    Hi, since I made some small adjustments to my layout I now have a small space for wich I'm not sure with what to fill with. I was thinking of a Scrapyard, or an old/dismanteled car deposit, something similar to this one from Woodland Scenics:

    The problem is this one is in HO scale and I don't seem to find anything like this in N Scale.

    Does anyone known some kit like this in N Scale?
    Does anyone have any other suggestions to this space?

    Here it is a photo from the space I'm talking about:

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  2. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member


    Since I'm here, here goes a picture from the other side of the layout:

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  3. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    Uhmmmm,... immediate attention goes to a parking lot so there's a way to get to the facility. Unless of course your railroad people "hoof" it in from aways away way????

    There could be perhaps a "couple" necking in a far slot off- you know- after hours romance, afternoon delight, breaktime kissy-poo (a brakeman who's hot for the dispatcher and her velvety voice)- but I definetly see a parking lot to get to work (for all the above reasons- or not).

    Mark [ confused ]

    As a matter of fact I think that guy hanging out on his deck is just waiting so he can catch a glimpse.
  4. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    I agree with Mark. I think the parking lot would be the thing in this location.
  5. Cinnibar

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    The parking lot idea is good and I'd put a small "Railroad Cafe" off to the side so the crews have someplace to grab some beans.;)
  6. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I'm with the group here...parking lot. Maybe add a small yard office to go with the engine house? I like the greenary on the roof of that house and the flowers are a nice touch too!
  7. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

    Thanks to everyone!

    Well nothing like asking for suggestions to see the light, the parking lot idea is prety obvious but for some unknown reason it never ocurred to me :)

    Thanks also for the ideas of the Railroad Cafe and the office, I once saw a small cafe that was made of an old Railroad wagon, but since there isn't any kit to build this and my Scratch and Batch abillities aren't that good I think I'll have to pass this idea and find some small kits that suit the parking lot.

    Ralph: The greenary was accidental, I was spraying the ground and some grass fell on the roof, but as you can see I left it there, it's not the first time something I do wrong becomes one of the most interesting things in the layout, and I'm prety sure that I'm not alone :)
  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Thats and interesting looking layout you have there Nelson.
    Will look forward to seeing how the space looks after you follow the suggestions.
  9. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

  10. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

    Some progress!

    Well not much, but I have to confess that I like to take this slowly so that it lasts longer, for me the most interesting part in model railroading is the construction. So here it goes a little progress, as sugested I will do a parking lot a small "café", but that's in the future :)

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  11. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

    Almost done!

    Well the parking lot is underway, I know the coal mine space is not that big but it's all they could afford, yes real estate prices are getting higher everyday in my layout :)

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  12. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

    A closer view

    A closer view, as you can see I like to see green everywhere, still there is a lot of vegetation to add.

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  13. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

    Something is missing!

    Well the "Café" idea is still in the planing stages, I have a car with a caravan that I could scratch to a small portable Cafe, let's see if that is possible.

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  14. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Nelson, why not put a "Chip Truck" in the corner of the parking lot?

    I know, that they make an N Scale one, our club has one on the travelling layout, but I do not know who makes it.
  15. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member


    Sorry for my doubt, but what is a "Chip Truck"? Could you describe it or do you have any pics?
  16. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    That's looking real good Nelson!
  17. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Sorry, Nelson, I just noticed your location.

    Here in Canada we have trucks like large vans. In the back the owners install deep fryers and refrigerators. The sell French Fied Potatos, what the British call "Chips". Sort of a lunch wagon. The customer comes up to a window in the side of the truck and places the order for food.

    The following site has a photo:
  18. nalmeida

    nalmeida Member

    Thanks Will, could anyone help finding one of those in N Scale, thanks in advance.
  19. Have you already tried the Vollmer catalogue, Nelson?

    They have some spectacular trailers, just adaptable to those "Hot-Dog" and ("Pita-Shoarma") we see in our roads... why not try it? If you need the Vollmer catalogue, let me know it, since I must bring it from you know where....

    :D :D
  20. A&JRR

    A&JRR New Member

    You could use a caboose for a restaurant. Down in Rockport, Indiana there is a restaurant like that.

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