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    Is it possible to move some of the how to do things into a forum of their own? Things that are not covered in the normal threads. Things like how to do the rock walls, painting backdrops,easy ways of doing senery.I would hate to have to look through 2000 post to find one on to connect 2 pieces of flex track together. The mundain things that most of you take for granted that everyone knows.I have seen things that would help me down the road when I'am farther along my layout. But have go back and find them is a real hassle.I've seen posts that explain how to do things over and over again.Everyone is real helpful going over it again,but thats not the point. If we have this information in one place,we wouldn't have to repeat it every time someone wants to know how to do something.Am I making myself understood what I'am trying to say? Its late and I,ve got to get some sleeep.I was up later that Wolve last night. John
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    Hi John,
    Most everything in the Technical forum seems to fall under that "How-to" umbrella.
    The Search function is most helpful when looking for help with a specific task.
    The Archives are great!!!
    :) :)
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    Everyone should take a look at the archives. There is some REALLY great stuff in there. I would like to see more. The article about cleaning track with tuner cleaner was right on target. I've been using the stuff for 20 years, just never though to use it on track until I saw the article. It works GREAT! Good call, George. And the article about layout animation brought a tear to my eye. I think George is my long lost mentor...:D

    Tom F

    PS: Please don't run away like all the other times, Mr. Mentor... The voices in my head have stopped (for the most part...):D :p

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