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  1. jflessne

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    I have an unknown manufacture frieght car that is missing some parts.

    I'm having the most trouble finding a replacement for is a pin that holds the truck to the frame. I could use a screw with some modification but I'd like to keep it somewhat uniform and avoid scratchbuilding something.

    When you buy new trucks do they come with new mounting hardware?

    Also who makes metal handrails and grab rails. Someone told me a manufacture name but I forget the name of the company.
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    I would not worry about uniformness on the underside of your car. Unless you are entering it for judging at the NMRA conference, operationality (is that word ;)) is what counts. If you can find an appropriately sized screw, just use that. If not, fill the hole with some styrene rod and drill it out again for a 2-56 (commonly available at hobby shops).

    Usually when you buy trucks, all you get is the trucks. No screws.

    You can make your own grabirons and handrails from piano wire - usually available at hobby shops, or try Tichy, Cal Scale, Creative Model Associates, Detail Associates, or many others. Try a search at for more sources.

  3. Gil Finn

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    I've glued my fingers to more frieght cars than I'd care to admit. No one would ever have trouble getting my finger prints..

    Dull coat those suckers away..

    No kidding covers up glue marks perfectly.

    You dont need simi shiny rolling stock anyway.
  4. Jim Krause

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    When you say "pin" are you indicating that you have one pin and know what it looks like? Accurail uses an unthreaded press fit pin on their trucks. Does the car have molded on ladders or is the car body bare?
    Here are some names of detail parts suppliers. Detail Associates, Precision Scale Tichy Trains, Kadee. Hope this helps.

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