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    Howdy Guys,

    Ok, its me again. I love to find drawings on the internet of unusal aircraft and "things", like the XC-142 shown on this page
    I would love to be able to "unfold this" and maybe try my hand at building/designing a paper model. I know this particular aircraft is somewhat complex, so, I naturally would try others before this one, maybe like the regulasII "crusie missile" seen on that site also.
    But, I dont know what program(s) I would need in order to be able to unfold, or help me design such airplanes. So any help in this area would be appreciated.
    One more note, I am using a 1995 compaq presario "ETCH-A-SKETCH" for a computer, so I do have space (file size) limits.
    But if anyone knows of a good, simple, FREE program that I could download that would help me again, it would be appreciated.
    AND one final note, any of you designers out there, consider some of these aircraft in upcoming designs, the vought chance aircraft company has many aircraft that I have never seen models of, like the corsair II and its variants, and the xc-142 tilt rotor, the precursor to the osprey v-22. The link again is:

    Thanks guys,

  2. Jimi

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    Hi geedubya! i think that what you are looking for is called "wings 3d". I heard bout it when i was really new to this hobby. although it's free, ( I forgot the site where to download it), i havent tried using it so, i cant comment much further bout this. from the looks of it, i think it's quite complex to use especially for complex models.

    - i was surprised by rhino's versatility. it just saved me from tonnes of computations a few hours before. Rhino can compute even centroids of polysurfaces. :roll: . if there was no rhino, i think i would even be lucky to finish half of the computations :?

  3. Ashrunner

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    For 3d modeling, you might want to start with the free version of Metasequioa. You can get the software at . The freeware version is at .

    For unfolding, Pepakura (when not registered) unfolds Metasequioa *.mqo format files. When registered, it unfolds many other formats. You can find it at .

    I see since I last visited the site that the program may have either changed hands or just went to a new host. It should (I hope) still do mqo files unregistered. If it doesn't, try doing a google search for Tenkai. It was the precursor of Pepakura and does mqo files.

    This combination was how the great designer NOBI got his start. It should serve you well when you learn how it is all done. Good luck.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Thanks guys, gone shopping now to check them out.
    I came across thet site above earlier this am, and I have always liked the vought corsair II variants and always thought the regulas missiles were neat, every since I was young. And the xc-142 and the v-22 osprey have always intrigued me.
    So with those as inspiration, and the fact that I have been calculating circumference on a sa-2 surface to air missile (playing with the thought of designing it and the launcher in card, U thought I would check out some software that might help.
    High school teachers weren't lying when they said math would be useful in the real world. lol
    I am gonna give them a look and hopefully a try if the old "ETCH-A-SKETCH" here will cooperate with me.

    Thanks again,


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