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Discussion in 'Brick & Mortar Finds' started by gwssms, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. gwssms

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    Unbelievable. I thought I had thoroughly scoured the entire Puget Sound region for card models and come up with nothing. I had resigned myself to having to mail order everything...however, today I was attending a street rod/sidewalk fair in Auburn, Washington, a mere 15 minutes from my home. I walked past the front of a hobby shop that I had not bothered with for years. The place had long since turned to RC airplanes, cars and other high end stuff, but it was hot outside so I stuck my head in. Way in the back I found a treasure trove! :eek: There were models from Geli, PMI, Modelik, Model Fan, Schrieber, etc! Not just a couple either, but a reasonably broad assortment, around 50 total kits. Mostly airplanes, but a couple of ships and buildings and at leat one train. So if you ever find yourself in Western Washington, be sure to stop by Ultimate Hobbies in Auburn!
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    This is definitely good news for me. My local shop in Lacey just moved, so they have next to nothing. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. gwssms

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    Wow! I didn't really expect an answer to this post after nearly 4 years. :) But, since you did I really should tell you that Ultimate Hobbies has pretty much given up on restocking their models. I bought a few, and someone else was obviously buying, but apparently the floor space was more valuable for something else since they have not restocked. Just want to let you know not to waste your time on a road trip because you will be diappointed - unless you are looking for trains - they have a ton of HO scale stuff, no paper though. :( At any rate, it's good to know there is someone on this side of the state that is into the hobby - and welcome to the forum.

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