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    my old standby is to take junk mail catalogs, roll them up and allow them to spring open inside the hulls. this adds the weight and usually sticks to the sides so they don't rattle around.
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    jleslie48......... :grin: Cool Idea!:grin:
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    Hey Scharnhorststeel, I will definetively use your ideas/files in my "production version". Thank you!

    I also will be using some of the ideas you've shared for the hull fill up. Thank you.

    Here are two more pics, one for the propellers, bracing and stibilizer fins; and the other for one not-attached-yet torpedoe (or midget subs... the little bas*rd took me one our to complete... and it's not the first roll I made in my short modeling history). In my next version I'll be using a lesser weight paper, and also get rid of the tabs and use inside stripes as joins.

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    Model looks great, I'm really looking forward to this one, but just a suggestion, your build is screaming to get those edges colored. get a red marker for the red and and a grey marker for the grey, and it will be amazing.
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    Thanks Jon, yes, I'll be on shopping for a good set of markers this weekend.
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    What page are the minisubs on?
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    Page 8

    change the 0# to 08.pdf

    but that page is not up yet

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    That's why I was curious as to how milenio3 was able to get it already.
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    Oh, the file was available some days ago, then they kind of pull it out of the server or something; so right now we have to wait for the 15th. I'm not even sure I put the minisub in the right place and position, that's why I won't put the other 3.
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    Awesome Build!

    That's a great build Milenio3. Very straight and smooth. :)

    As far as weight, I was thinking of building a box-section keel. Along with some additional formers and stringers, my eventual build will probably need weight reduction!

    I need to research a couple of items (twin machine gun, Kaiten cradles, hull plating) before getting busy with the hull.

    In the meantime, I will sit back and admire your handiwork.

    Those Kaiten craft were bigger than I thought. I wonder if I-36 could get anywhere near 8 kts submerged with those on deck.
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    Thank you.

    And yes, you got a point there.
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    Submarine Progress

    Hello fellow kartonowy fans!

    Conning Tower
    I almost have the conning tower detail "upgrades" done. The problem right now is that my current version has a rounded edge to the roof line, whereas the full scale one in the movie has a sharp right-angle joint.

    If I can't find anymore photo-evidence, I will re-engineer my sheet to be the same as the movie's version based on two reasons:

    - they probably have better research material
    - a right angle joint is a lot easier to design and build! :)

    I imported some cross-sections (near the midsection) from a plan and came up with a prototype hull former. After I finished cleaning this up, I compared it to the frame from the older 1:100 Halinski I-19 kit (I hope Halinski re-issues this kit digitally as mine is still a "hand-drawn" version)... and it was pretty similar (I guess they had the same plans!).

    Anyways, the frames will take some time. Even though I don't plan to be too overboard on the shape, the B-Class hulls definitely bulged more amidship and reproducing this will involve a couple of extra frames in that area.

    The hard part (which may shelve this project) will be getting the skin shapes to be accurately sized. I don't have a 3-D to 2-D design tool (nor do I have the skill or experience). At 1:100 scale, you can really get crazy and create as many frames and skins as the real thing! We will see if my version doesn't end up as a "waterline" model. I should probably just scale down the Halinski hull... but then what would I do to get frustrated and closer to complete insanity???

    Twin 25mm Machine Gun
    I don't have any direct research material. I wonder if Yama-To or Ta-Kao had similar mounts (i.e. I could use the diagrams in AOTS as a guide.)

    Time Warp?
    I know it's not the 15th anywhere on this planet, but pdf #8 (the Kaiten's) is online...
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    Wow, Scharnhorststeel!! You are in a hard work now! Congratulations! :-D

    BTW, file 8 is there, OK. But now file 7 is missing 1 page!! :cry:
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    Thanks Milenio3. Man... those are big subs. This is a great link. I didn't get around to finish the conning tower last night, but I should get it done today. I'm trying to at least get that out before the 15th.

    Thanks PapaBear. I've not seen the Kaiten on deck shots before. I noticed that these are after I-36 was further modified to carry 6 Kaiten. The first thing I'm doing to the Kaitens is removing the printed-on straps. They be better represented by separate rectangles of card adhered to a thread.

    Just navigated throught the parent of this site. There are quite a few useful photos that indicate a few things I will adjust on my conning tower sheet:

    - Flag and ID number panels are painted symbols on canvas sheets so they are strictly temporary. So, I'm making my Flag and I-36 signs separate from the conning tower.
    - Decks seem to always be wet (I'll still keep my rendition dry and bleach...)
    - Japanese I-boats are quite unique in appearance (even within the same class!)

    Things I'm still unclear on:

    - did I-36's conning tower have a rounded roof edge... or not?
    - just what is that object atop the small column on the front of the conning tower? A huge set of binoculars?

    I've got some re-working to do tonight!
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    Also I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but there was this movie
    last year called Lorelei : Witch of the Pacific out in Japan.

    A friend of mine had returned from a 12 month trip to Japan and
    brought me back a toy of the mini-sub and a figurine of the girl
    from the movie. They were giving out the toys with drinks and
    popcorn at the cinemas over there!!!

    The effects are over the top, but nonetheless fun and enjoyable for what
    its worth. I'm not sure if there'll ever be a DVD release outside of Japan.

    If the sub is slightly accurate, then it might also be useful as there's a few
    close-ups. I wouldn't mind trying a paper model of this one myself sometime.

    Here's a link to that DVD anyway.

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    Gracias, Alicides.

    Also remember that the file 7 has 2 pages, just in case you downloaded the file 7 with only one during the week (the server was showing file 7 with 1 page).

    I will post photos of the finished sub soon.
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    Here is my finished build of the kit.
    It is an easy simple build that could be great with some modifications like removing tabs and using joint strips, added details. I actually made the effort to edge color everything on this build so let me know what you think of that.A couple of the pics also include my entry for the "Tiny Challenge". As always let me know what you think!

    Shot from above
    with the mini
    Really like the other builds posted up here, keep up the great work guys!

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