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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Kevin G, Aug 24, 2006.

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    From what I found, this is a B class sub, numbered I-36. The I-36 appears to be one of only two subs that sunk a ship using the suicide subs. (Only two ships were sunk by suicide subs in WWII)
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    OK so we are seriously off topic here, but Ruth, Gehrig and others went on an All-Star tour playing Japanese collegiate teams in 1934 to sell out crowds. Shortly there after (months) a pro league was formed.

    Baseball was very big in Japan in the '30s

    OK Ken, quit looking at other peoples card models at work... Oh, oh, here comes the Boss,
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    FYI.. you can now downkload the last three files to complete the sub .. They are online now.. Just change the files number, 06, 07, & 08.. And you will have the complete model.. 8 files in all
  4. Kevin G

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    Thanks for the heads up on the remaining files.
    I have them all and this looks like it is gonna be a blast to build!
    I am going out of town today and won't be back until tuesday so expect to see a build thread started on wednesday or thursday.

    No worries about going off topic in any of my threads. As long as the conversation is good and we are learning new things its all ok with me!
    And since the movie deals with baseball it looks like we stayed on topic anyways :-D
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    Thanks man! I got them all now.............just gotta find some time!
  6. nikischutt

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    Where do you guys come with that the last three pdfs are available? I can't access them.:-?

  7. rickstef

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    just take the last posted url

    the 05.pdf is what you change

    just delete the 5 and replace with 6, 7, and 8

    and then save each sheet to your local computer, and you have the whole kit

  8. nikischutt

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    Sorry, I'm having a stupid moment. Just answered my own question. Cool model, nice and big.

  9. cgutzmer

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    I cant seem to get sheets 2,3 and 4 for some reason..... anyone else?
  10. Kevin G

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    They all work for me. If they don't work for you try following the detailed directions in one of my previous posts with a link to the actual movie site. Hope that you can get it to work as this looks to be a rather nice model!

    I am just about to scoot out the door here but it appears that the last file neds to be printed twice and I have no idea what file 07 is since there is no instructions on it and the part numbers don't show up on any of the other instructions. I will sort this all out next week when I return and start building it. See ya later guys, hope not too many of you get it finished before I have a chance at it :-D
  11. milenio3

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    Thanks Jazzman and Rick.
    Let's see this baby posted here.
    BTW, it was a good idea to download the whole sub without waiting until Sept 15!
  12. milenio3

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    Kevin et al, those parts seems to be the base on which the submarine rests. The text in the PDF only says "fold inwards, fold outwards, cut", that sort of things, but no mention if it goes to the sub.
    Also, if you check PDF 1 (page 2) and PDF 2 (page 1), the light red stripes text says something like "stand" or "support". That is where parts from PDF 7 goes.
  13. Stev0

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  14. jleslie48

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    all 8 files are available right now, but
    there seems to be some missing parts as well:

    part no, pdf file, notes.

    15 , 5 , in the red section are marks for parts to
    be glued to it, but no matching parts.

    17 , 5 , same thing and two marks in the green

    18 , 6 , more marks for parts that do not exist on
    top of the conning tower.

    20 , 6 , same as 18. you can see these parts in
    the picture at the beginning of this

    35 , 7 , doesn't appear to have a location to
    attach it too, implying it attaches to
    some of the parts that are missing as
    this part seems to be the rudder.

    there is a pic of the completed model here:

    and there looks to me to be a bunch of detail parts on the model that I cannont locate in the 8 pdfs listed. specifically the prop parts, and the detail on the conning tower.
  15. Stev0

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    It's just an issue of missing pages. We won't get results until after the final page's are officially released.

    The releases with one page perhaps were originally to be a two page release but something happened.
  16. milenio3

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    Building the sub

    Jon, SteveO, you were right. There are missing parts/pages for the sub.
    Today they released file 6. It is the same as yesterday. No parts missing here.
    I began building it last night to end once and for all, doubts about it.
    So here it is up until the files we all can have.
    Printed pages. I used letter size, not A4 as the website recomends, so I printed with option "fit to page" on printing.

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  17. milenio3

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    Here the formers. They do not cover the entire hull diameter, but only the half or so.

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  18. milenio3

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    The former in its place.

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  19. milenio3

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    Here the bow section (thanks Jon for the marine terminology). A note here to enhance the build: if you can get rid of the tabs, and instead put a union inside the body, the looks will be muh better. In this case each section has a little bump.

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  20. milenio3

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    Two sections union.

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