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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Kevin G, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Kevin G

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    Ok here we go again :roll:
    Seems like everytime I find a model that screams "build me now" I run into a problem. There is this really nice submarine model on this site
    This is a site for a movie that looks pretty interesting (to me anyways) and I admit I have no idea what is is about besides baseball and this submarine and I could be wrong about that too i guess. After the short intro film at the bottom of the page are two rows of links. On the upper of these two rows click the third link. when the next screen appears click the fourth link in the main window (it has the number 36 in it). This will get you to the model, or what appears to be half of the model anyways. There are two rows of links to PDF files for the model but only the first 4 are available. So if anyone can read the site could you tell me if the other 4 are going to be released or do I have to buy something to get them? Sure wish I was smart enough to learn some other languages, this hobby would be so much easier then :-D
    Thanks for any help and I hope at least someone else enjoys the model too.
    WARNING: the site has an audio file that gets rather loud at one point so watch the speaker volume, it is not bad music though!
  2. TheWebdude

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    Posted by The Jazzman at 3DPapermodel:

    File 5:
    August 25, 2006
    File 6:
    September 1, 2006
    File 7
    September 8, 2006
    File 8:
    September 14, 2006
  3. Kevin G

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    Churning out the "Cars" models and still have time to answer questions, don't know how you do it sir. Thanks alot Webdude!
    Upon closer inspection the release dates are actually right there on the link to each page, man somedays it seems like I should have just stayed in bed....
  4. cgutzmer

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    looks like a prety good one - got a few nice subs out there, got a bud thats gonna be happy! :D
  5. The-Jazzman

    The-Jazzman Member

    Actually that last file should be the Sep 15th.. not the 14th.. Finger slip when I posted it :grin:
  6. The-Jazzman

    The-Jazzman Member

    Kevin G,

    It's a movie about a young Japanese man who promises to be a great baseball player but is drafted into the war to be a "kaiten" pilot.. which is a sucide subrine .. a man piloted missle.
  7. Stev0

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    Yes this looks like an incredible movie.
  8. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Maybe it's just dumb me.............. but I thought baseball didn't catch on in Japan until AFTER the War.

  9. Alcides

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    How do you get there? I'm really don't undertand how you guys find some sites?

  10. The-Jazzman

    The-Jazzman Member

    I dunno that's a good point.. but I don't know anything about baseball either.. Here is what the movie description says:

    "Koji Namiki, a talented young pitcher, who had won the National High School Baseball Championships enters university, but soon afterwards injures his elbow. He and his teammates work hard to get back on the field placing all his hopes on a new slow-ball, "the magic pitch." However, the outbreak of WWII wipes out the baseball ambitions from everyone. They join the military and in the navy undergo the severe training that prepares them for death. Death awaits them in a "kaiten" (special attack submarine or "human torpedo") within the gloomy ocean depths, but Koji never gives up his dream of the "magic pitch.""
  11. Ashrunner

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    From the wikipedia (or however it is spelled) encyclopidia:

    Baseball has been a popular sport in Japan for over a century since its introduction in 1872. It is called 野球 (やきゅう; yakyū) in Japanese, combining the characters for field and ball.

    As for the model available...I can never find those things...

  12. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Cool thanks guys............ I was under the impression(wrong) that baseball was first seen when Japan was occupied after the war.

    One of those wrong propaganda things we think we remember from history classes...............

    The sub looks good, can't wait to get all the parts............. hope I remember:grin:

  13. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I can never find them either, I am glad other people can! And John, I am sure someone here will remind us ;)
  14. Kevin G

    Kevin G Member

    I will definatly post up a reminder for anyone that wants it. So here is the first reminder, next part is available tomorrow!
    I found the site thru another model site that had a small thumbnail pic of the model. I clicked the link and clicked every link on the movie site until I found the model. Not the best way to find a model im sure but when you are too dense to learn another language and determined enough to find what you are after there is nothing that you can't find! :grin:

    I am just glad that we have members like jazzman that can translate for us and give us some information that I would probably never know without their help!
    So the last part is available on September 15th so expect to see a build thread on the 16th :twisted:
  15. cgutzmer

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    What site had a thumbnail pic? Might be a good future resource ;)
  16. Kevin G

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    Film industries the world over never let the truth get in the way of a good story!!

    Tim P (wunwinglow)
  20. astroboy

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    Does anyone recognize the class of submarine depicted?
    I'm not very familiar with Japanese subs.


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