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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Arjun, Dec 4, 2007.

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    The first few 3-D models I've made are entirely flat or boxy, with few or no curved surfaces. The boxy look doesn't seem right. That's when I thought of using sub-surfaces and smoothing, to create a ball within a box for every box made. However, given the problem that paper has or curving only one way, and also getting the right unfold (always a problem in Blender, not sure of a 3ds Max-Pepakura duo) and cuts, I would like a hint, particularly from those whose models have curved the most. Then again, maybe size does matter, as I'm still making models as large as six inches at most.
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    I'm not too familiar with Blender... (Having been learning for 2 years and got nowhere) But strictly, an unroll-able surface does only curve one-way. So you might want to divide up your compound curve surface into smaller bits that curves one-way.
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    If you're not too familiar with Blender, then suggest what you would have done from Rhino (which you have used) or 3ds Max (which I am learning). I've seen your J-10 and it's very well-rounded, so I'd like to know what you've done. I'm also applying the methods used by our Photoshoppers for texturing.
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    Well picture explains everything... I'm not good at explaining things but hope that helps.

    In Rhino an unrollable surface can be described as tight, straight strings (yellow) running between two curved wires (red, or green). Even for wingroot it's the same story, every surface curves only one way. (If you want the surface to look rounded the other way, divide it up into more strips.) A similar philosophy can be (but not usually) used in polygon modeling, as seen in the model here, program is Metaseq... Never used Unfolder before but from screenshots I guess it's pretty similar to Pepakura, and the last pic shows the kind of results expected from the unfold. Also if you have MSN we can talk about it on there.

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    I would first re-plan all areas with triangles. Take these areas and remodel them without using triangles and instead use whole faces.

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