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    Rob: this is where we get to the fun part. The Toonto bypass line runs from Bramalea to Pickering; However, it consists of 2 subdivisions: York sub from Pickering to Macmillan Yard, and Halton sub from Mac Yard to Burlington.
    I think that the subdivisions were originally different (I don't have any documents) but before the bypass was built in the 60s, I think the subdivisions ran from Union through Weston, Brampton, Georgetown and out towards Guelph. The line from Burlington to Georgetown continued through Caledon East and Tottenham and had been its own railway.
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    Rob, thanks for sharing your questions.... :thumb:
    I keep thinking it would be great to take time to railfan here or there but seems thinking and doing dont always work lol easier to do a road trip for a day or two than slip away for a few hours.
    Here are a couple of sites that I like to check out for track location in the TO area...
    Rails In Toronto
    and - Formerly The Niagara Regional Rail Spur

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    Thanks, kirkendale -- I'm just checking those websites now and they look great! I've been looking at the first one and it seems that there is a lot of info on there. It's got pics, lists and maps of all the subs, etc. Just the info I've been looking for!

    Thanks again! Cheers, Rob

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