SU-101 Russian self-propelled gun 1:25

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by mrafalsk, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. bigstu

    bigstu New Member

    Quite astounding, is this where the Answer Su-101 came from?
  2. mrafalsk

    mrafalsk Member

    Yes, it is.
  3. consistseeker

    consistseeker New Member

    beautiful model
  4. seej001

    seej001 New Member

    Very impressive.
  5. smelter273

    smelter273 New Member

    Your so talented...
  6. Dreadnot

    Dreadnot New Member

    I cannot believe it is actually paper. Have gone to your website and am particularily impressed with the amphib Japanese tank. It would seem that the ones that you design and build from scratch are your best examples.

    I would recommend that everyone visit your site.

  7. mickey5hins

    mickey5hins New Member

  8. El_portus

    El_portus New Member

    Thats absolutely amazing.

    If may I ask, what kind of paint did you use ?
  9. MilanX3

    MilanX3 Member

    Su-101 Blueprints or 3 and 4 Views Pictures


    I am trying to make simple paper models of the experimental tanks/objects at Kubinka museum and I was looking to make an SU-101 1:72 or 1:87 in a very simple form from a Blueprint or 3 view or 4 view drawing of the SU-101, or perhaps photos that show thw sides top front and back of the SU-101. Did you find any of these drawings when making your awesome model? Where might I be able to find such information?

    Cheers and thanks!

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