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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Nscalemodeler, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Doc Holliday

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    When I tried making my own, I found that duct tape worked pretty well to hold the foam pieces in alignment so it might work if you wanted to split one in two pieces. One problem though is that it only allows you to curve the incline one way (concave to the tape side).
  2. sams

    sams Member

    i have separated risers and inclines.
    it is possible, but i don't recommend it.
    for one, its easy to ruin the spacing and this could lead to problems on inclines.
    for another, the riser/incline will now be EXACTLY the width of the roadbed...
    so, the risers will have to be installed PERFECTLY...
    otherwise the track will end up leaning to one side or the other of the riser/roadbed (and god forbid...entirely off)
    using the entire riser gives a good bit of leeway should they be placed a bit off kilter.
    the way i did it was to tape (masking tape works well) the sides, or top, or bottom, of the risers before cutting them in two.
    this way the separated pieces are kept in relative position, and the incline isn't disturbed (too much).

    so, if there is no absolute need to cut them..then its better not to.

    i'll try to post a pic when railimages is back on-line.

    added: oops didn't see doc's post...yes they will have limited movement due to the tape.
  3. sams

    sams Member

    here's the pic of my layout with the "halved" inclines...

    as you can see at the bottom of the pic...
    the track doesn't fit exactly where i placed the inclines
    (actually not a problem for me since i'll be handlaying and not using the 9 3/4" sections)
  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Unless you're modelling an embankment, you could push the track/roadbed all the way to the downhill side and conceal the excess under the upgrade.
    You could possibly cut an angle at the top of the risers.
  5. dwight77

    dwight77 Member

    Thanks Doc, Sams, and 60103. I appreciate the ideas. I have a couple of areas where there will be a pretty severe dropoff necessary in order to let the track below get by. So it might require splitting the incline or riser in a few areas. Looks like the tape on the concave side might work for what I think I need.

    While on the subject of inclines and risers, any suggestions on who might have the best prices on the risers and inclines?.....I looked at Wholesale Trains and they seemed to have some pretty good pricing.
  6. Charles Mark

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    Woodland Scenics

    I'm building a new layout using Woodland Scenics Subterrain Foam. I heard of it being discussed in forums and looked into it for myself. I found it in Walther's N&Z Reference Book then at my LHS. A How-To Manual was for sale, I bought it and recommend anyone buying it for the ideas and instructions it has in it. I put the first incline down using T-Pins [Foam Nails], got them arranged where I wanted them, then used a "Low Temp Glue Gun" to secure them [Fast, very easy and they don't move]. They suggest using their Plaster Cloth to cover the foam before your final install of roadbed and track. It looks like it will make a very smooth surface for it all to lay on. So far I am very impressed with how easy all has gone. The Low Temp Glue really was fast/immediate and simple.
  7. Pitchwife

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    Check out my Links Page for OLHSs as well as links to a lot of other related sites. I don't have a LHS to support so I put the page together to shop for prices, selections and descriptions.
  8. dwight77

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    Thanks Pitchwife.....I already had your list on my favorites. I was sorta hoping someone had already done some research on the best place for prices on the risers and inclines and I would not have to re-invent the wheel.:)

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