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  1. eatcrow2

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    Another in the Dinosaur series from the ABC magazine, designed by Michal Dudas.

    When your in a modeling rut, build a dinosaur..;-) Built like the others, with pastel chalks for shading.. several light coats of "Future" to blend everything in..

    A fun model....

    Here's the base with assorted odd bits for ground cover.
    Mounted on the base..
    Next to the cube to show scale of the piece...
  2. Amazyah

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    Wow, that is really cool, Peter!
    You seem to have a knack for finding an obscure model and making something really nice looking out of it!
    I believe you are quite the artist!8)

    I love the plant matter in his mouth, really sets the whole thing off and makes him part of the scene!
    It just wouldn't be the same without that little touch!

    Bravo! Really nice work, Peter! Bravo!:grin:

  3. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

  4. Clashster

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    That is awesome, Peter! Very cool design and great job bringing it to life! Definately enjoy seeing your builds, as it is rarely the everyday! Thanks!

  5. I love the model, but I'm "in love" with the base. You and I are from the same school when it comes to the importance of bases Peter. It's what elevates this model from just being a dinosaur on a shelf, to a real work of art. Nicely done!
  6. eatcrow2

    eatcrow2 Member

    Thank you Don and others for the comments... Your right about the base. For me, it just brings the subject too life if you can create some sort of display that catches the eye.. Michal Dudas's designs make it easy to pull it off..
  7. cgutzmer

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    Spectacular! Does all that stuff come with the model or are you supplyig it yourself?

    Oh wait, I think I answered it myself. Its from ABC magazine - I dont think they can get bushes in there.... heh heh You must be a model railroader of sorts too :)
  8. Gorgeous work, Peter! I love all the extra work that you add to the bases.

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