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    The recent threads on Panzer I models prompted me to do some reading about the Panzer I family of vehicles. One of the oddest was the Sturmpanzer I - a PzKpfw IB with a shed on top containing an sIG33 gun. When I looked at 4 views of this vehicle it looks as if a complete sIG33 was dropped onto the top of the PzKpfw I. Can someone confirm this impression?

    The thought strikes me that a Sturmpanzer I model is no further away than a Modelcard PzKpfw IB, an Answer sIG33 gun and a bit of scratch building for the gun shield.


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    Hi Charlie,

    you´re wright, they took a panzer 1 without turret, a complete Sig 33 and some iron sheets (10mm) to cover, and the Sturmpanzer 1 was ready for service.
    this was made by Alkett, only 38 vehicles were build. The result was a movable gun, much too high for battle-use (3,35 m !!) and too heavy (8.5 tons) for the Panzer 1 chassis. It was also known as "Bison"

    As many such conversions it was planned to use, since "original" Sturmgeschütze were available.

    There was no really protection for the gunners, but theyre gun was movable...


  3. That is some awkward looking vehicle. Maybe someday, when my skills are up to the task I'd think about doing a little kit bashing and take a crack at it. It's an interesting photo. Is that a helmet sitting on the forward deck? Looks too far to the front to be a driver's position. Looks like a French helmet. A souvenier? Does anyone know what those 2 flattened cylindrical things strapped to the mudguards are?

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    Hi Don,

    the Helmet seems to be a souvenir. The "rolls" are also on some other pictures i found in the net. It could be either additional ammunition in basket-Boxes or some kind of canvas to protect the open Gun against the weather.

    The Top and rear of the gun are without any protection at all!!

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    Thank you very much guys.

    The images suggested by Maurice are very interesting.



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