stupidity claims another victem

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    Fortunately he only took himself out but it could have been much worse. According to most news stories the driver of the truck went around the closed gates and past the flashing lights while ignoring the ringing bells to derail a commuter train using only his stake-bed truck and no brains. There ws only one casualty so far, the idiot driver. Read more about it here:



    or here:

    And go here for the latest updates from Metro link:
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    I watched this on the news today.
    Note that the cab car was swung all the way around to face in the other direction, the second car went off at right angles on the other side of the track, and the third car sat up on the end of the second.
    There was an interesting article in a British mag recently about a manufacturer who has set up a device to rotate a car to any angle for rescue simulations. The writer said that flat on one side was easy to walk through, but angles like 45 degrees were quite disorienting.
    Next time you're in a RR car, think how you would get out if it was lying on the windows and the other windows were 10 feet above you. Look at the path to the door in the end -- and which way it opens. And think about doing it after you've fallen the 10 feet from a seat beside that window above you.
    Couldn't tell from the TV if these cars have escape holes outlines on the roof; GO has dotted lines in two places where you can attack them with a saw or can opener.
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    john sneed

    No matter how dumb people are, there is always some idiot that will raise the bar to another level. John
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    A 22 year old man lost his life the other night near Mankato, Minnesota. He was found dead in his vehicle at 5 a.m. near a Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern crossing in the small town of Eagle Lake.

    DME's last train went through around 12:30 a.m., they reported nothing unusual.

    The impact site was found at an intersection 2 miles east. It seems the p/u truck hit a car (probably a covered hopper) broadside, lodged there and was drug the 2 miles before getting spit out as it made contact with a crossing arm component.

    Lucky there wasn't a derailment.
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    Idiots On The Tracks

    I know this thread is a little old, but here's a story of a guy in my hometown who said "I don't know if I hit the train or the train hit me." This was relayed by people who saw the crash and by the investigating officer...

    Apparently the guy was waiting at a two-track crossing for a coal train to pass. As the last car passed the guy decided to "rush" the crossing gates by going around them. What he did not see was the freight train coming in the opposite direction, still obscured by the coal train. The next thing he knew he and his mangled pickup were lying in a five-foot deep ditch alongside the tracks. Luckily for him the frieght was a slow-travelling empty.

    When the officer explained to him what happened, the guy asked "How do you know I rushed the gates?" The officer pointed out the two black marks left when the guy punched the gas, attempting to beat the train.

    Aside from a little soreness in his neck and not knowing what happened the guy was ok...

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