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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by ARMORMAN, Jun 7, 2006.

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  2. bfam4t6

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    Wow! I can own a car. I can drive a car. I do own a car. I do drive a car. I can pay for my own gas. I DO pay for my own gas.....I CANNOT buy carburetor cleaner, white out, paint thinner, X-acto knives, and anything else that I might otherwise sniff, eat, or slice myself with from Walmart.

    Now come on. I'm old enough to maintain and drive my own car, but Walmart wont sell me the stinking carb cleaner to degrease my engine? I hate stupid restrictions. They simply drive the "illegitimate" consumers into the underground or blackmarket and make the prices for everybody else skyrocket. If somebody wants to do something stupid, they will find a way to do something stupid. I don't see what good it does to mess things up for the rest of us. I simply go to O'Reilly auto parts for my carb cleaner and I buy my x-acto blades from hobby lobby. Stupid walmart lost my business and it's the closest retail store by my house.
  3. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Say bye-bye to the great American failed. Too bad no one read "Kruschev Remembers."
  4. Gil

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  5. Bowdenja

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    Politcally Correctness to the MAX!

    I want a governement that will tell me that I am responsible for MY actions and if I chop off a finger, sniff Carb Cleaner, or drink White-Out that I was the one stupid enough to do these things and that I CAN NOT sue X-acto for making something that is sharp, STP for me abusing something that removes grease, or Office Depot for selling something that looks like a little teneey weeney bottle of milk!

    Yes there are people who break the law, want to blow up something, and hurt other. We got laws that make that stuff wrong.............. ENFORCE them. Don't just write more.

    It is time we MAKE THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME......... and DO IT! We need to stop prisons from being a Training School for Criminals and turn them back into places people do not WANT to be in.

    Oh.......... ain't that guy the one who said he worked on UFOs at Area 51??!! I guess he really did turn out to be a security risk.:cry:

  6. missymouse

    missymouse Member

    hey, when i was younger, under 18. i had started to build plastic models, now i couldn't buy my own friggin glue till i was 16 if outside of california, 18 in california and 21 in monterey county because ya know every one who is under 21 is always going to get high off of glue, paint and cut them selves for fun with the blades, jesus f---ing christ man, why don't they just say you have to be over 50 before you can have a hobby of any type! i swear thats what its going to come to, hobby shops will require ID if you're under 21 to even enter, yeah..... an ID check counter at the front door like porn shops. god bless america -.-
  7. barry

    barry Active Member

    We have it in the UK a local council cut down a hudred year old chestnut tree last year. Why ? They felt that a "conker" might fall on someones head who would then sue the council.

    You still have some catching up to do !!!!

  8. dwgannon

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    I was one of those kids that did the Chemistry set. I loved to make the rotten eggs smell and the whole volcano thing. I used to grow crystals on coal. Next thing you know we will not be able to shoot model rockets. Then there is my favorite, Fireworks. Little bit of a pyro I think.

    Guess I should be glad that I grew up when I did. I miss the old days.
  9. missymouse

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    well last time i wanted to go fly my r/c sail pane, i went to the local beach where you used to be able to fly them, now if the rangers even see a hint of wing they tell you to leave, no more hang gliders any more, seems the nearest place where i can fly my sail plane is not to good for them becausde of the lack of updrafts that we would get from the dunes, cliffs and off the bay, the closest model airfield is in paso robles and is only open on sundays for a few hours and have to be a memer of the IMAA to fly there. so i been flying my big-un at a friends ranch. big scratch built designed in the x-plane simulator and then applied to balsa, light ply, birch, carbon fiber and so much more powered by a small craftsman 35cc 2 stroke "green machine" weedeater engine. boy that was fun machining and dynamicly balancing that fly wheel. but had to install a remote oiler system since the engine is mounted upside down. but any way, seems so many good times are being taken away from us, like lawn darts, remmeber those? now a federal ban on them because 1 stupid kid got killed.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Because we are a benevolent society and want to help people, this is what happens when we circumvent the "Darwin Factor" (helping those who are stupid to stay alive by punishing the rest of society by removing the temptation of those few to maim or kill themselves).
  11. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    That and perhaps capitalism gone bad. Meaning find every way you can to make money even if it means using litigious means to take it from others and in the process truly destroying capitalism.
  12. possm_23

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    probably wasnt a "stupid kid"....:cry: but some ones son or daughter....
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