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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by J0YCIE, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. J0YCIE

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    Hi, this is my first post, and I'm a complete noob with model building. I have some experience from a graphics course I did a few years back. So I know how to construct basic shapes.

    OK. I've been assigned to build a card model of a camper van. I could take that as being asked to build something like an old VW campervan, or something like the caravans with engines...if you understand me :p

    Anyway, I could really do with some help on this.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Welcome to the forum. How about something as simple as this?


    I imagine you have a shoe box lying around somewhere. . . also has a few simple minivans from which you can learn a thing or two about card model construction.

  3. J0YCIE

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    Sorry, but it has to be the shape of a campervan. Can't have the details painted on as the finished product needs to be carefully covered in a certain news paper. So it needs angles and curves. Which I don't really know how to achieve.

    Really really stuck.

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    Don't forget this paper model here, Joycie!


    The link may look the same but it is a different page on the same site.
    This page features the paper model for the pick up version of the VW Van.

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    As my first attempt, I designed the interior (and simple exterior) of an RV. The thread is here

    (First Design Attempt (RV Interior) -

    I drew the whole thing in Inkscape, an open source vector program.

    I also attached the files to the thread. It may be of some help.

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    Try this site for a simple model of a VW Bus.
    VW Bus
    Click the VW Bus on the lower right. It takes you to a page where you can choose white for the top and body of the VW. That makes it a plain body so you can add the pattern you want.
  10. J0YCIE

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    Wow, thank you all so much. I think Barry's is the one that isn't too hard for me, but looks like it could pose a challenge, and overall, it'll look like a VW as its the shape of thing and the intricacies of the lines and window shapes that you'll have to be able to see (as its getting newspaper stuck over it.)

    I'll get started on it now. Thankyou!
  11. dansls1

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    Covering it with newspaper - is this like a paper mache (sp?) card model project?
  12. J0YCIE

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    Not quite paper mache, you have to pick out certain bits of the news paper, to go in bits that'll fit, like with different formatting. I was thinking something like long lines for the roof, small words for windows ect.
  13. dansls1

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    I think I get it - using news articles in the 3d model. Please share pictures when this is complete - sounds interesting ;)
  14. J0YCIE

    J0YCIE New Member

    Will do. now...just need to resize it. :p
    Has to be no more than 30cm in any direction, and no shorter than 10cm in any direction. Shouldn't be too hard to rescale by hand on card should it?

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