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    Hello All,

    This is my first post here on the forum. I am just about done modeling a project using metasequioa. I was wondering if you all had any suggestions as to how to go about adding structural components to my model. It is a plane model and I was wondering how you go about setting up the wings, fuselage etc so that they have some structural integrity. Also any suggestions on how to attach wings / vertical stabilizer to fuselage would be great.

    Any help will greatly be appreciated

  2. John Griffin

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    I join wing spars to the faces of fuselage bulkheads, sometimes by leaving a space under a fuselage section for the wings to fit under. A good way to get ideas on methods is to buy a few kits from different publishers and look at the diagrams closely.

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    Thanks guys

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    Also, I find that alot of times, less is more and can make for an easier, straighter wing. I think that there is a tendency for 'making it fancy' (overengineering, especially the unseen internals of wings). I try to design mine to use as little as possible (a forward spar, an aft spar, a couple of ribs). If you design a good skin it can bear part of the load- just like on real aircraft. I don't usually even put spars out past the inner 1/3 of the wing (just out to the landing gear or wing joint (if there is one), to support the weight of the model on the ground).
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    Thanks for the reply. But how do model this ribs spars in metasequia?

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