Stripwood pieces?

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    I have been reading some of your posts and you mention "stripwood pieces". I don't mean to sound stupied but I have seen "Balsa wood" and "Basswood", is stripwood a type of wood or just the way its cut.
    I'm modeling in HO so what size should I cut the strips in, I will attemp the Scratchbuilt Structure at
    Thanks, Andy
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    Stripwood is wood cut into strips... :D

    Really, it is more like "scale lumber". Generally it is basswood cut to either scale dimensions (2x6, 2x4, 1x6, etc) or the closest fractional equivalent. Balsa is very fragile when cut that small, so you usually see it in larger sizes - although you can cut it down yourself.

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    The structure in question derives its structural strength from the thick cardboard... The wood it seems to me is just there as a veneer.

    Since the wood is not going to be load-bearing, you can use balsa in that instance.

    If you are going to be building structures entirely out of wood where the wood needs strength to bear loads, then yea go for basswood or the scale-cut lumber.
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    Andy: "stripwood" is a generic term for wood cut into long strips. You can get it in sizes appropriate for your modelling. You'll also run across the term "sheetwood" which is thin wood that is much wider than it's thick e.g. 3" x 1/16". They used to come in yard lengths but now seem to also come in one-foot or two-foot lengths. Shhetwood is also available "scribed" with planking detail embossed in it.
    If you go to a model aeroplane store you'll find mostly balsa; a model railroad store will stock basswood or pine.
    Check out Ontario firms: Mount Albert Lumber and Hunterline.

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