Stripping/Repainting Engines & Front Range Quality?

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by NIevo, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. NIevo

    NIevo Member

    Well I've almost given up on someone releasing a model of a BN GP9 in HO. I have been trying to find a undec. Proto 2000 engine with no luck ( for less then $125!). So I've narrowed it down to 2 choices.

    1. Buy a GP9 off eBay decorated for a less common and not in demand roadname and repaint it. I have seen several go for less then $50. My question is how easy is it to repaint an engine thats already decorated? What is a good way to strip the paint or can you just paint right over the old stuff?

    2. Buy a old Front Range shell for a GP9 and power it. These Ive seen for less the $25. How good were these models and what is the best way to power them? Id like to use a Proto 2000 power unit, there are 3 on eBay right now for $12.
  2. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    I know nothing about front range, but...

    Stripping paint can be accomplished many different ways. Soaking the shell in 91% alcohol and then scrubbing with a tooth brush can be quite effective. I've been thinking about dropping $40-$60 for an ultrasound cleaner...they're great.

    You can also use brake fluid and many other things...
  3. Squidbait

    Squidbait Recovering ALCO-holic

    I wouldn't go for a Front Range if you can find other alternatives. They had a great shell for the time (20 years ago), but the mechanism, even though it had a big Mashima can motor and flywheels, was growly and not particularly smooth.

    In fact, if you can find a Proto shell, it's better detailed than the Front Range. Or if you can get your hands on a Carey pewter shell, you'll have a loco that you could pull houses down with.

    Alternatively (I don't know what the specific details of the BN Geeps are) you might be able to get an Atlas GP7 and mod it.
  4. NIevo

    NIevo Member

    Does anyone know if the Front Range shell will fit over a Proto 2000 frame and motor?

    BTW: Just won a brand new, never opened Proto 2000 GP9 decorated for Reading on eBay for $35!! Looks like I'll be stripping it and painting my first engine!
  5. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

    Go for it!! You will always have the pride in knowing that you did it yourself:thumb::thumb:
  6. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I have a bunch of the Front Range shells and frames. With very minor modifications to the frame it will take an Athearn drive with either the Athearn motor or a can motor. Basically the bolsters need to be thinned down about .002 of an inch to mount the Athearn trucks. What I like about the Front Range shell is that there are enough interchangeable details that you can model virtually any prototype from it without having to carve off a bunch of cast on detail.

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