Stripping Gloss Cote?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by inkaneer, May 5, 2005.

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    I had about 36 Concor open hoppers cars that I wanted to custom decal. Painted the cars [air brush] with a black paint that my LHS said was a gloss paint. Paint job turned out great except the paint was not a gloss paint. "No problem", said the LHS, just spray paint it with Gloss Cote as he sold me an aerosol can of it. So with much trepidation I purchased the Gloss Cote and proceeded to Gloss cote the cars for decaling. Disaster then struck. Despite my attempts to control the spray the Gloss coat coverage ended up as hit and miss with uneven coverage and with pooling and running on about 12 of the cars. The other cars I did not try to gloss coat. So my question is this, do I try to strip just the gloss cote and apply new gloss [with an airbrush this time] or do I strip everything and spray with a true gloss black [bought from another LHS]? I am thinking I want to strip everything and repaint but if I do strip everything what do I use? I have used Chameleon paint stripper in the past but not on any Concor cars. Anyone have any experience with this on Concor or do I have to be willing to sacrifice one car as a test?
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    My experience with Gloss Cote (and Dull Cote) is only with styrene models, and I also had the problem of "glopping" it up. The problem is that you can't see it going on, so there's a tendency to overdo the spraying. I'm sorry I can't help you any further than to co-miserate. I suspect that any paint stripper strong enough to remove lacquer would probably dissolve the plastic.

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