Stripped screw in Proto 1000 model

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by urbancowboy, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. urbancowboy

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    I wanted to share my latest victory in HO model railroading. My problem started when I wanted to remove the body of my HO Proto 1000 model to see how hard it would be to install a decoder. Well I successfully removed the first screw which holds the plastic body to the chassis. The second screw was not so easy. I got frustrated too fast and basically stripped the screw head. I couldn't find any information online to help me out with this problem. I tried contacting the hobby shop where I originally purchased it from and they suggested drilling the screw out with a drill bit. Luckily I didn't have to go that far. I used a 5/64" drill bit attached to my hand drill tool and then used a fine tip flat blade screw driver to turn the head of the screw. A few minutes later the screw was out and the body of the train was off. I'm so happy!! I was a little scared that I would break some of the fine details off the model but thankfully I did not.
  2. nachoman

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    I could tell many stories about broken or stripped bolt removal. Once, I tried to remove a bolt from my exhaust manifold, and broke the head off. I drilled a hole in it and tried to remove it with an "easy out" and the "easy out" broke off in the hole! "Easy outs" are made of hardened steel that you can't drill into, so I had to grind away the bolt using the smallest grinding bit that would fit in a dremel. Took hours.

  3. Ralph

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    Well done! A good post for those of us who might encounter similar troubles!
  4. jim currie

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    left handed drill bits are indispensable in removing broken bolts or striped heads, also heating a stubborn screw will some times help. also a hand inpact driver with a good assortment of bits will help.glad you got it out have had problems with proto screws myself.
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    yeah, everything that is manufactured in the "Orient", has to go through a central clearing point, where Godzilla does the final tightening of all the screws. (they have to keep him busy, to prevent the destruction of their cities) :D :D :D

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