Strip down airplanes

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by dardard, Sep 8, 2004.

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    For all extrem modellers, I found this site :

    Take a sharp knife, binoculars and a huge box of tranquillizer before starting.
    There are planes in 1/72 that you can build full frame like the real ones.
    It looks very good.

    Hoping someone will try one, I long to ear about the making of it.

    Best regards
  2. jrts

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    Thanks for the link



  3. Leif Oh

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    Anybody interested in doing something similar?

    Oboy, that's so great isn't it - not the scale, which is totally out of bounds for me, but the idea.

    The next step, right? From getting exterior parts perfect (where paper has a great advantage), to providing interior cabin parts (and engines), to modeling the full structure!

    And you could do it in a larger scale, couldn't you. I've been contemplating/dreaming about creating a replica of the SG38 school glider, no covering, in 1/10, in order to be able to build the ribs down to the last detail in card.

    Anybody interested in tossing this idea back and forth? Here's an appetizer, a full-size (flying) replica. Go drool over it!


    PS. Dardard, it seems your posting swamped the fortunate/unfortunate Mexican's site. Now it's "temporarily unavailable", due to having "exceeded its allocated data transfer". But they say it will be "coming back within the hour".

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