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    Ive done some searching on the forum and come up empty handed. Has anyone ever posted a tutorial or thread about scratchbuilding HO street lamps? Ive been experimenting by myself and come up with nothing more than 30 bucks in the hole and a severe soldering iron burn on my wrist. I need some guidance before I seriously hurt myself.

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    Scratchbuilt O scale street lights

    I have scanned and saved a jpeg article from the October 1991 Model Railroader
    " Scratchbuilding O scale streetlights ". They are old fashioned gas lamps.
    Looks like the author used punched styrene discs, sequins, beads,brass tube and a 6 volt transformer to power 16 volt GWB bulbs.

    The full file dimensions are 727 x 1000.
    Size is 276 kb.

    here's a tid bit

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    Uhhh this link didnt work. I would LOVE TO see this too! Anyone know whats wrong with it?
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    Oh, it is an old link for the old forum. You are gonna have to seach "lamp posts" or something sililar from the new forum to find it.


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    Bahhhh.. :)
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    Here's a replacement link:

    And a diagram that I posted somewhere (but now cannot find). To make the light pole pictured, you will need a grain of wheat or grain of rice bulb on a long wire, some styrene tubing, and a lampshade of some sort (detail part, or even a paper circle cut to fit). The wire can be stiffened with superglue or you can solder in a section of brass wire.


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