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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by KCS, Oct 2, 2005.

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    Sorry guy's, I wasn't able to get pictures but I have seen something a bit strange today. A KCS train crossing under I-20 as we were going over was being lead by what looked to be an SD-45 maybe a 45-2 not sure but it was of a road I've never heard of. Iowa, Chicago and Eastern in blue and yellow paint. The yellow seemed to be a bit more of a gold and the blue was kinda dark like B&O blue. It was the leading locomotive with a KCS SD-45 trailing behind it cab forward. Another thing I found a bit out of key was a BNSF Police Ford Explorer going north on I-49 towards Shreveport. As far as I know there aren't any BNSF yards even remotely close to us. The closest yard I can think of is in Dallas, TX. KCS has been using a lot of BNSF power sense BNSF has a lot of KCS power on the Northwest portion of the U.S so Deramus yard look's like a BNSF yard rather than a KCS yard. Most of that power is being used on pig trains and intermodal.
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    To add to the Strange sightings...I was at My train club, the Niles depot, here in CA. We were watching another mixed frieght roll though, the second that night, we first see a ubiquitious UP SD-40-2, then we saw it: THE UNITED WAY LOCO!!! (another SD-40)Banner still attached and It looks like new!! The club of about 20 people started going "WHOA!!!" as it passed, unfortunately nobody had a camera on them....darn.

    heres a link as to what it looks like:
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    The IC&E has rostered two SD45's in it's history and no SD45-2's. I don't believe either of the '45's were ever painted in the blue and yellow scheme, they were simply relettered IMRL units. Most of it's current roster is made up of SD40 variants.
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    I curious to see the UP Desert scheme. If I'm thinking right that locomotive is a SD-45-2. I almost forgot about the 45's having a short porch. The 45-2's have the large porch's. I've seen the EMD demo's of several kinds but yet to see any GE demo's yet.

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