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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by gera, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. gera

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    Just posted a PZL-24. :shock:
    Strange Story: The PZL-24 was a faster, better armed and more manurable of the PZL series built in Poland in the late 30´s. But it never reached the Polish Air Force!!!!! It was exported to Turkey, Greece and Rumania in some quantities. The German Enemy Identification book used by the Luftwaffee in 1939 pointed at the PZL-24, not the PZL-11, as the front line fighter of the Polish Air Force......they were wrong :oops:

    This is a very interesting model to build, hard to get, I have had this model since 1988 more or less. You can easily get the PZL-11 from many Publishers. Its gull wings are very interesting and makes it one of a kind models.

    Gera :wink:
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    History is full of such complete mysteries! For example, do a quick search on the aircraft designs of James Martin, founder of Martin Baker Ltd. Specifically, MB2, MB3 and MB5.

    Tim P
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    PZL-11 and PZL-24

    I have both in my inventory (1:50-scale) in Polish livery and they do make up into very nice display pieces.
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    As far as I know about PZL P-24...

    There were two causes for selling all the produced aircrafts to Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

    1. In the thirties there was an economical crisis in Poland, so money was needed.

    2. The government didn't pay much attention to the development of the aviation, because they didn't think that the air force could be of much use in a conflict. That wasn't very wise...

    So, even the first P-11 were sold to Romania before the other P-11 started their service in Polish Air Force. P-24 was an improved version of P-11, but they served only in the other countries.
  5. charliec

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    Parts of the PZL-24 design were reused in the Romanian IAR-80 fighter. So a Polish design which was never used by the Polish Airforce eventually became part of a fighter designed and built in Romania - that's weird.


  6. gera

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    IAR-80 fighter

    Hi Charlie:
    I love the IAR-80 fighter, it looks like a Racer! I put up a picture in my album of the 1/50 model made by Modelart. a 1/32 scale is now on the market, which I hope to get soon!

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