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  1. announce1Check this site out. I have never seen so many strange experimental aircraft. A designers delight. Should keep you guys busy for the rest of your lives. STATES.htm

    The index button will take you to the main page where every nation is represented
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    WOW! What an amazing collection of oddities. Great find and thanks for sharing it!
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    Great resource Tim - although I've read and seen pix of many experimental birds, I've never seen half of these.:thumb:


    I googled for more specific info about the German flying car and also happened across this site about experimental vehicles, etc.:


    N/Z scale Old West paper models (free samples) and the (almost) famous Ping Pong Ball Cannon at
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    What on Earth...
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    This is what I got from National Museum of the US Air Force:

    "The most unusual P-63 variations were the RP-63A and RP-63C "pinball" versions developed late in WWII. These manned target aircraft were fired at by aerial gunnery students using .30-cal. lead and plastic frangible machine gun bullets that disintegrated harmlessly against the target's external skin of Duralumin armor plating. Special instruments sent impulses to red lights in the nose of the "pinball" aircraft, causing them to blink when bullets struck the plane"

    So, it's not so sinister as our imagination may lead us to think...
    Still, very bizarre to say the least. Thanks for the site timhinds1 :thumb:
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    Yea, Great site! Thanks a lot Tim!!
  8. :thumb:I'm glad you guys appreciate this. Hopefully it will inspire your creative juices even more. I think it would be great to see some of these in paper. Go for it you design genuisesannounce1

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