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  1. McFortner

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    Well, since the original post did not survive The Great Crash of 2004, I guess I'll just have to start it all over again....


    Bubba Joe "Junebug" Wannamaker was late. He had to get his load of crushed gravel to the DOT bridge construction site for the new Eagles Landing Parkway bridge over Interstate 75. So when he saw the arms going down at the Rock Quarry Road crossing, he figured he had enough time to make it. After all, those NSR trains always ran slow through town. Unfortunately for Junebug, the NSR had a hot intermodal they had to get to Macon in time to make the evening cut at the Norfolk Southern Macon yard. The GP-38-2s were in fine form that day, making 45 MPH without any trouble.

    The only problem was that the train and the dumptruck both wanted to occupy the crossing at the same time. Needless to say, the train won. Junebug is now looking forward to a 6 month vacation in Henry Medical Center in full traction. Fortunately, the crew of the lead GP-38-2, number 2001, survived with minor injuries. The Geep was not as lucky.

    The cab of the Geep was a total loss. With the added financial burden because of the missed cut, the NSR could not afford to get a replacement cab nor could they afford to let the Geep sit idle either. But fortune smiled upon the NSR as the shop foreman at the McDonough Shop came up with a brilliant idea. They had an old F7 that they had acquired earlier but could not get back up because of problems with its frame, but the cab was ok. In what could only be described as a minor miracle, the McDonough Shop managed to mate the F7 cab to the Geep body. Christened the GP-38-M, the 2001 was back in service in only 1 month. Of course, the local train spotters have taken to calling the 2001 the "Feep".


    More to come,


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  2. McFortner

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    Well, right now I am working on my "Feep" in N Gauge. I thought I'd even share a rather crummy picture of the work in progress. I guess it is not too bad for my first try at kitbashing.

    I need to go get some Squadron Green or simular putty to fill in the gap between the cab and the body. I hope to do that today.

    I moved the cab back enough so that the front door on the cab will be open up to the front walkway and the front steps on the Geep. Looks better that way I think. Just too much work to update the concept picture! :rolleyes: ;)


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  3. TomPM

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    Great idea and story!

    Your progress looks good also. Can't wait to see more!
  4. McFortner

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    By the way, all the place and road names in my story are true except for the McDonough Shops. In real life, NS has a training center where I would put the shops.... ;) :)

    Anyway, the bridge construction is true. A major headache made worse by building a bigger bridge. And Vulcan Materials does have a quarry off of Rock Quarry Road in Stockbridge that is right off the NS main.

    Anyway, I'm gonna put the shell as it now is in some 91% isopropyl alcohol to strip the paint, then fill in the gap. More pictures will follow.

  5. Lighthorseman

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    Looking forward to following this one, Michael!
  6. jim currie

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    :thumb: :thumb: :wave:
  7. McFortner

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    Ok, I've stripped the paint (isopropyl is your friend!) and the putty is drying now. I am hoping to post another picture as soon as the putty is dry and sanded.

    Just thought you would like to know.... :rolleyes: ;) :D

  8. McFortner

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    Ok, the putty is mostly sanded and it is starting to look like I want it to. I plan to do some more sanding on it later to finish the curve of the roofline (it's mostly done now) and take out the mold line in the F cab. The only problem I had was after the putty dried, it only stuck to the GP shell, and not the F cab. A little CA solved that (thank goodness!).


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  9. McFortner

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    I was looking at the Feep last night and noticed that the cab leans slightly to the left (see the picture) and I was wondering if I should try to take the cab off and fix it, or just say "feh" and keep on as is. Am I being just too much of a perfectionist?

    I guess it could be explained that there was some warping of the frame they never could get out.... :oops: :rolleyes: :p


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  10. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    I think the Feep looks great, by the time it is painted, detailed and back on it's feet it will look just fine. WOW :eek: :wave:
  11. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    Nobody but you will ever notice. :thumb: FRED
  12. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Cool project, kinda takes me back to the old daze when we'd take 0-4-0 Docksiders and make 'em into Cab-forwards...then stick a pantograph on top. Well done!! :thumb:
  13. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Wow !, I thought I was the only one strange enough to attempt that trick!

    Kids!......Don't try this at home. :D :D :D :D :D

    (well I am contemplating an A-B-A "hustler" set) :eek: :oops: ;) :D :D
  14. McFortner

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    Of course, the Feep is waiting until payday Friday so I can get some primer.... :( :( :(

    However, I found this boxcar in my box already painted but needing lettering. I had some white dry erase letters that I think worked quite nicely. Now if I had any dims to fill in the empty spots.

    So what do y'all think?


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  15. McFortner

    McFortner Member

    I finally got some painting done on the Feep. So far it is only the teal. I'm not sure if I should bother with the black stripe up top or not. What do y'all think? :confused:

    At least with it painted the nose does not appear to "lean" anymore! ;)


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  16. McFortner

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    Just so y'all don't think I've been sitting around doing nothing (ok, I may have been slacking a little...) I wanted to let you know that I have been trying to decide if I want to add the black stripe to the top of the FEEP, what color to make the lettering (black or white), and working on a modern version of the Galloping Goose for my son's HO layout. That goose has taken a lot of my free time, but I am getting close to finishing. Maybe I'll post a picture soon. It is 100% Industrial Ugly, but he likes it. :)


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