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  1. Meiriongwril

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    Many Welsh speakers opt for a 'bardic name' as an alternative to their real one. I was born in the Welsh county of Meirionydd, so chose the name Meirion as a first name, and lived in the village of Llwyngwril (= grove of Gwril), so chose Gwril as the last. Meirion is the name of an old ruler of the area, and Gwril is another early Welsh name (also the name of a narrow gauge loco in north Wales!)
    BTW, in Welsh a 'w' is a bit like a 'oo' in English, so the first syllable of Gwril sounds like the beginning of the English word 'good'!:wave:
  2. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Thanks Torpedo for the pic.

    In South Africa we call them "Detonators". They are still used here. If a train breaks down or if there is a work crew ahead they will place it on the line.

    Heard a story from a friend of mine who used to work on the railways. Being young guys they used to play around. They used put a pipe or stick through the coupler and then shoved it onto the detonator to see how high they could shoot it. :twisted:

    There was also a time when one of the wine tankers had a leak, he says they filled a few coke bottles and eventually, when they were shunting, wagons were flying in all directions. :mrgreen:

    BTW, I'm just mad- thus the name.
  3. alexbnfan

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    I'm Alex. I like the BN. Simple.
  4. nkp174

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    Back when my father was younger than I am now...he co-founded an organization to pull NKP 767 out of a park (which actually was the 765). My brother and I were then born in early 1981 and late 1982. Every so often (which I later figured out to be every Saturday), my dad would get my brother and I up and take us up to Ft. Wayne while he would either work on his passenger cars (NYC 1939 Pullman Diner-lounge-sleeper from the Commodore Vanderbilt, the Chittenango Falls or his coach NYC 2600) or on the 765. So I caught the NKP bug.

    Then in high school I was exposed to all of the other NKP power, and discovered that I actually thought their hudsons were 2x as fine as the NYC J-3as. They became my single favorite class of engines...the L-1s, the 170's.

    Since I grew up within 10 miles of the Lima Locomotive Works, and clearly remember the winter the 765 spent there, it was natural to chose the number of the first Lima built NKP hudson...the 174. Plus, my dad has one of the Lima L-1b builder's plates on his basement wall.

    So, the long version of NKP174
  5. iis612

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    I used to be a narcotics detective. My radio designator (call sign) was Ida-612. Ida being police phonetic for I, which indicates investigative services.
    After a particular drug bust, it became a play on ebonics.
    So, it breaks down like this Ida - Investigative Services - 612.
  6. ausien

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    well its been awhile since I posted anything here on the Gauge, so i guess the to add my name to this question is a good place to start...
    well first i`m an Aussie from Sydney, and i model the feather river rail route, in N Gauge, 1:164. so i applied the kiss rule here, and put the two together...KISS,= Keep It Simple Stupid...
  7. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    eightyeightfan, because until this year(except three years with Gibbs Racing, and two years in the twenty eight) that has been Dale Jarrett's car number, the one, because I needed a number in my handle.

    Now that DJ's in the 44, guess I'm half the FAN, I used to be.(Until the end of the 2008 season, when DJ retires, and I move to Jr Nation...then eightyeightfan will mean something again.)
  8. Printer

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    Not to be rude or short, but I'm "Printer" because that's who/what I am.
    27 years running my own print shops.

    My motto,
    Printing: It's NOT a Job. It's NOT a Career. It's a Way Of Life!

    and besides, in a world that runs on paper, it's often handy to own a printing press. ;)

  9. DeckRoid

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    My nickname comes from a long time ago in college, and it just seemed to stick. A bunch of us went to Reno for a Honors Fraternity Convention over a long weekend. I figured this was going to be my one chance in college to let loose. When we got back and reported to the members the results and happenings, my best friend got up and said that he had never seen anyone drink and play craps for so long in one sitting. Said I was like half man, half machine and that I ought to change my name to Deckroid.

    It's kind of silly to think back on now, but I still use the name. As do many of my college friends.
  10. mopac spkjpr

    mopac spkjpr New Member

    Dad worked for the MOPAC, as well as grandfathers on both sides. I live in a town that had a former MOPAC shop as well as A MKT shop (which Dad's dad worked at also). I don't get here much as the other half of my nick (spkjpr) takes up so much time. I am an industrial electrician by night and do residential electric on the side.
  11. MP3CNLettalierSub

    MP3CNLettalierSub Existing!

    Wow these are really interesting!

    My name just comes from the fact that I live around MilePost 3.25 on CN's Letallier sub, I realized I spelled it wrong in my name shortly after lol.
  12. mummert

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    Last name here. I am a correctional officer and by the end of the day I here my last name more than my first. So it was the first thing that came to mind.
  13. Firstscout

    Firstscout New Member

    My first car was a 1970 IHC scout.. It's just kinda stuck..
  14. TooManyHobbies

    TooManyHobbies New Member

    I definately have too many hobbies like my user name says,I like trains,slotcar racing,building models,collecting diecast cars and then there are the vintage real cars I have. The real cars have taken most of my time for that last few years and still have not put my train set back up. Jeff
  15. YmeBP

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    My nick came from waaaaaaaaaay back in 1991 when i was in college and i got hooked on a chat system called IRC (Internet Relay Chat) i registered a politically correct name Yme (why me, i had terrible luck at the time) and my non PC name which i won't say here ;) it's very family unfriendly haha.

    So i've gone by that nick for years, the internet kinda happened IRC got really big and i could never get on w/ my nick anymore.

    At a job i had i built a frankenstien computer out of compaq parts in a black case, we used to call the computer BlackPaq :) for black compaq, i took the name and shortened it to Bpaq then the internet happened and icq became popular and someone in India was actually NAMED Bepaq and i would always get his im's so .. i mushed the 2 names together:

    YmeBP = Why me, Black Paq and 16 years of online naming heritage :wave:
  16. YmeBP

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    OS/2 was my Favorite OS! I still head out to a user group meeting every once in a while. I actually have a copy install in a VM they call it Ecommstation now :).

    A little known geek fact at one time 90% of all atm's were running os/2. It only recently went out of support by IBM.

    Sorry slight tangent i know but hehe i had to comment on os/2 !!
  17. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    IRC is still around strange enough, or maybe it's different? A friend of mine uses it but his is M-IRC, although he calls it IRC.
  18. w8jy

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    My user name is pretty obvious - it is my amateur radio call sign. It is unique, so it is never used by anyone else. Since I use it daily, it is a lot easier to remember than a combination of a name and numbers. I like it a lot better than something like Jess16839490 - you get the idea!
  19. Sarge_7

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    19 years Army. I get confused when people call me by my first name nowadayssign1

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