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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by SeriousSam, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    Mine came from friends (in a way)...
    We were at a watering hole one evening and I (some how) started chatting with a number of very pretty women (most engaged, others just work motivated)...Anyways...
    As the evening xame to a close (or the morning sun came closer) several said I was a real gentleman and a PRIZE to the woman that keeps me. One from England said I should be knighted; which gives you the SIR at the front. So, friends and I put it together and it also fits my peronality as one "word" as I tend to be a sirprise to people.

    That's my story and it's sticking to ME!!... ewww! sign1
  2. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    ok here we go, have never told anyone this before
    R eal
    O ordinary
    G uy
    E enjoys
    R railroading


    W eakdays

    Not really my name roger w
  3. 2slim

    2slim Member

    Well my username was going to be 'roundman' however it was taken so i did a little play on words. In retrospect I should have called myself 'not2slim'. My avatar is Wally from the Dilbert strip, it's scarey how much alike we are!! :D :wave: :thumb:
  4. NP 1364

    NP 1364 New Member

    Hummmm Northern Pacific Ry 4-6-0 Class S-4 #1364

    My first steam locomotive I remember on display in a local City park in the late 50's early 60's.
    Then in 1974 or so it was moved out of the park to be restored and it was my first steam locomotive to help restore but was never finnished then.

    Now it all most finninshed some 30 years later and I get to help again!
  5. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    The story behind my screen name? Hmmmm well this is the locomotive that my dad had rode when he worked on the Chessie System ( B&O ) back in the early 80's. He pointed that out to me one day when he seen the locomotive on tv. Chessie #6459 is a GP9. Also I am a huge Chessie System Fan, and that is another reason why I chose the name Chessie.
  6. oldtanker

    oldtanker Member

    Scubadude, I started diving last summer and plan on doing additional classes this summer, advanced, rescue/first responder, deep and nav. I'm going to look at ice diving this winter.

    Combat, I loved that show!

    For mine, very easy. I spent 20 years on tanks in the US Army. I served on M48A5s, M60A1s and A1 RISE (Reliability Improved Selected Equipment), M1/M1A1s. At 20 years you are indeed an "old tanker".

    The "Steel on Steel" refers to hitting a target!

  7. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    OK kids, I won't let you sit in the dark for a long time. :)
    My story started a long time ago on the Internet. At that time I was posting on a computer related forum and the best graphic cards was manufactured by a ( defunct ) company named 3Dfx. They even came with the process of installing 2 chips on the same board. So when Nvidia absorbed the 3Dfx company I was a little bit upset, and one member posted that I was biased and not very smart to support the 3Dxf company, so that's the way I got my alias.
  8. ratjag

    ratjag Member

    Wellll, I suppose as others have, i had better own up ( although i think Miles Western might know)--- Ratjag is derived from the English Morris dance side of which i am a member!!!:rolleyes: ........... fence1 aussie
  9. beamish

    beamish HO & Steam Engineer

    Well mine comes from the brew Beamish Genuine Irish Stout

    It also is the name my family goes by.
  10. CCT70

    CCT70 Member


  11. SeriousSam

    SeriousSam Member

    lol Beavis and Butthead are classic. I would also eat the nachos from the cornerstore (heck, I eat their burritos, corn dogs and hamburgers), but I dont like cheese. If Beavis had his own railroad company, do you think it would be called "Beavis Pacific?"
  12. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    That was a funny episode sign1 sign1 sign1

    Beavis Pacific, that's a good one sign1 sign1 sign1
  13. CCT70

    CCT70 Member

    What a cool story. I know it's sterotypically not very "manly" for a guy to have cats, but I can't really stand most breeds of dogs. So, I have two and a half cats that I have had for years. Rusty is my black cat, I've had him for MANY years (11 now I think) that I got as a stray kitten. Him and his litter homesteaded underneath the train room. I used to have my layout at a friends house in the in-laws house in the back of his property. Think of a large room with a small kitchen and a bathroom and it was PERFECT for a train room. My fiance at the time wanted a cat, a callico, and Leonard told us that we had a litter of Calico kittens under the train room (turns out there was only one Callico). We then blocked off all but two vent holes underneath the train room and Leonard got at one end with a water hose sprayer, and Colleen and I manned a large fish net at the other. Rusty was the first kitten we caught. When I scooped him up, he looked at Collen with the little sad eyes and she decided right there that he was "the one", so we took him home, cleaned him up, got him vaccinated and neutered and when she left, she left Rusty with me as him and I were closer than she was to him and I've had him ever since. Talk about a spoiled cat, Alicia spoils him rotten and he knows her work schedule and though he's asleep on my desk right now next to the computers mouse, in about 30 minutes, he'll wake up and go sit by the front door waiting for Alicia to come in from work.

    Alonzo is the other cat and a half. He doesn't even answer to his name anymore, just to "Lardo". He's HUGE. My sister was volunteering at the Humane Society for a while and I had bought a new car about 7 years ago and stopped by and picked her up for lunch with the new car and she was feeding Alonzo. He was such a cool cat. She explained that he had been there for a LONG time and every time a kid took interest in adopting him, he'd bite the kid. When I went to pet him that day, he sprung out of the cage and jumped in my arms, so I walked over to the counter and told the director "I'll wanna spring Alonzo from the Slam". Paid my $75, and he's been here ever since. What they didn't tell me until the next day when he was chasing his tail around my living room was that he's retarded. All the cats there, and I get the retarded one, lol. He's a really cool cat though and keeps me company (he's asleep under the desk at my feet right now, him and Rusty have been playing "King of the Couch" all morning, and got tired chasing each other around the house). I know Dogs are *supposed to be* "Man's best friend", but I'll take a cat any day over a dog.

  14. CCT70

    CCT70 Member

    CCT 70 was a Central California Traction Company GP7, one of two that they bought from the Reading back in the very late 1970's. My Dad was a Carman in Stockton for the Western Pacific and Union Pacific after the 1982 merger for 34 years. After that, he went to work for Amtrak as a Conductor. Though I got to ride all over the yard all the time here in Stockton with the various Switch crews on the old WP, it was the weekends that I spent at my great grand parents house on the east side of town that endeared me to the CCT. It ran right behind their house. CCT had two GP7's, the 60 & 70 and two GP18's, #1790 and #1795. They also had three matching cabooses, #'s 24, 25 & 26. The 70 was the first to leave the roster going to the North Western Pacific years ago, and is still in CCT paint and lettering rusting away in Eureka on the now dormant NWP. The WP was family, but the CCT was just a cool railroad (and still is). Unfortunately, the 1790 is the only one of the original 4 geeps left, but a good friend fulfilled my life long ambition a few years ago, he built me a VERY nice museum quality HO model of the CCT 70. So, that became my user name on just about every message board I belong to.




  15. myltlpny

    myltlpny Member

    I use Myltlpny on several forums, mostly dealing with cars. I have a Mustang show car and cars of that sytle are typically referred to as "pony cars". There is a childs toy, my little girls have several, called "My little Pony". So I refer to my car as "My little Pony".
  16. 2slim

    2slim Member

    do you think it would be called "Beavis Pacific?"

    Naaaa, definately "Bunghole Pacifico" and Butthead would be the "crack" engineer. sign1
  17. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    Almost as good as my goodness, my Guinness, just a bit less hoppier.
    I'm from a country where beer is as important as it is in Ireland ( Belgium )
  18. SeriousSam

    SeriousSam Member

    sign1 B&BH Pacific or something. lol
  19. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Next thing you know, CCT70's gonna make a planed expansion to his King of the Hill themed layout w/ interchange with the B&BHsign1 :rolleyes:
  20. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    Sorry but I cant get past that avatar wall1

    Lionel makes a whole consist of aquarium cars. Gil Finn's trout ranch is my favorite.

    Since I fish more than I play trains that name seemed a natural.

    I fish the OBX year 'round when I can and WV & VA trout streams in the spring and fall.



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