Storm Trooper - First Order

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    today I finished my Storm Trooper - First Order, from the latest Star Wars movie. It is a free Model from Paper-Replika . It is in the same scale of most of my figures; scale 1:6 - about 30cm. I am still not sure if I should weather the trooper, in my opinion he is a little bit to shiny. After a real combat his armor should have scratches, stains and dents! First_order1.jpg First_order2.jpg First_order3.jpg First_order4.jpg First_order5.jpg First_order6.jpg First_order7.jpg First_order8.jpg
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    Absolutely superb!! Claphands:Bravo:
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    Here is a little update. FN-2187 after combat situation. Finn_1.jpg Finn_2.jpg Finn_3.jpg Finn_4.jpg Finn_5.jpg Finn_6.jpg

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