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    Hello all
    :inmew: Just wanted to know if anyone has seen, or found any paper/card models from the kids show storm hawks (the condor if possible) wall1. My kid wants a go at building one with me.
    I have built a few homeworld ships, starwars and some ships to try out. I play around with sketchup all the time and tryed making a simple model and then using [SIZE=-1]Pepakura to make it[/SIZE] with some success.
    I'm now making thermopylae by chris domenech which i found on this site (love battlestars. going to try to built some of jaybats).

    So if any one can help it would make my day.


    ps I made the thermopylae up on sketchup to see what it would look like made up. its not totaly complete but looks good. (thanks chris)
  2. theoverlord

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    here is a picture i have started to make with sketchup. going to try makeing my own design using sketchup and then a paper model from it.:p

    If any one else has tryied this can you let me know how you got on.

    thanks for looking.

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    Hi Kelvin, looks nice. What site did you get the thermopylae on?

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