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  1. Anybody know where I can get details of store interiors (shelving, displays etc.) to use inside my models. My local stores refused permission to photograph them
  2. Myowngod

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    A quick place to get a few interiors

    A nice site to get alot of info. Good reference for detailing building. Many small track plans, 4x8.

    I also googled "store front", "store interior", and "building interior". Store interior alone got 45,000 sites. That should be enought for a small to medium sized layout, hehe.

    good luck
  3. MasonJar

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    Google images often turns up more than you would ever need...! ;)

  4. Thanks guys, I was just being lazy, hoped there might be something ready to run:D
  5. Glen Haasdyk

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    A company called SS ltd. made alot of interior detail parts but I don't think that they are prduced any more you probably could find them of e-bay still but I perfer to make my own:
  6. Thanks Glen and others.
    What I was looking for was modern store interiors, displays etc. I'm over in Europe so many of the products on displays would be wrong (nit picking) I tried to get permission to photograph our local deli, hardware store and an auto store without success so will go with whayt I've found thanks to the above and make my own check-outs etc.

  7. Matt/Wisc

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    What scale are you looking for ... ?
  8. Matt,
    Working in HO

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