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    I'm wondering.. what king of buffer stops, or what ever are those thinks called are used on the USA? here in europe we have rail
    built buffer stops.

    Do you know what I mean? i'm talking about those pieces that we put on the end of one track to prevent from trains to go further... I'm sorry, it's just sometimes i'm afraid to be miss understood...


    What kind? and what brand to you advise? atlas?

    i've added a pic! are them this kind?

    by the way, i use peco n code 80 and atlas snap track!

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  2. rockislandmike

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    I'm not a big fan of those Atlas puppies myself, I find they take up too much room. I'm using Sequoia wheel stops on my HO layout (I just checked, they don't make N scale, but someone else might??). The other more common option is Hayes type bumpers, available from any number of manufacturers (in N scale, try Tomar).

    Apparently, there are also Hayes "wheel stops", very similar in nature to the ones I'm using.

    Hayes bumper below.

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  3. Catt

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    Luis,you could also used two crossed railroad ties or even a pile of dirt and/or rock.If you should try the dirt/rock way just be sure you make it tall enough to stop the car from going off the end.
  4. Xaniel

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    that sounds a great idea, catt!!!
    Is it done?

    I would like to know how it is! Can you show a pic of it?
  5. satokuma

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  6. billk

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    Welcome to The Guage, satokuma! Good model, looks like a pile of rocks (just like it's supposed to.)
  7. shamus

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    Hi there satokuma, and welcome to the gauge. Great photo that, also a nice looking website you have, fancy posting some of your N-scale photo's


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