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    tighten carefully

    This is the last step of attaching the master to the wood. The countersink will prevent the wood from rocking back and forth. Now the master won't move around and it also draws the master down. the next step is sealing the master to the wood using the sculpy.:)

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    Philip first of all let me thank you for your patience and help. I understand that you screw your masters to the wood(my masters are made of plaster and small white metal) pieces too small to screw,so now what do I do? I got that the master is what is to be reproduced and then the clay is just to flare out the pieces bottom so there is no undercut and no rubber can get under the original?
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    Belg: Not a problem. The very small parts can be glued down. Make a coddle/dam around the perimeter. Smear the release on and pour away. Its so exciting making that first one! Then you will say "thats it"! I like making the small parts more that the large ones. What exactly are you making?

    More of the smaller stuff in the photo. I made some brackets for the overhangs of a roof in O-scale. They turned out great. This Dow Corning rubber will hold up to metal castings also. The far right metal thingie is a round fence.
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    the originals

    Jesper: The originals are made from Balsa Foam. Check Balsa Foam in the search. More there.

    GG1: You are correct.

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    looking for

    I'm making some copies of some shelves and junk piles and other white metal parts. I'm planning on reproducing them in resin. The main item I will be producing is parts for my viaduct,I take all the advice and input anyone wants to share,KEEP IT COMING!!!!

    Thanks Pat
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    Glad to help out Belg.

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    I too appreciate your advices. I have been looking for balsa foam online, but the link seems to be down at the moment, and I have only found one place (so far) when I can buy it online. Today on the way home from work I stopped at Michaels to see if they should have it, but the looked confused and asked me several times if I meant Balsa Wood instead of Balsa Foam, so they had never heard of it.

    Again thanks for all the info

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