Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by TREASUREYARD, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. bigpiper1

    bigpiper1 Member

    Congradulations that number you gave means that the package is being sorted at a post office in canada and should be at your door within a couple of days maybe even today.
  2. nitronavi

    nitronavi Member

    man sounds like you have been having one hella of a time i really hope you get your truck i have been there waitng for a package . i waited alnost 9o days for a clodzilla to come to me i traded a brand new savage 25 for it never ran the savage still had the sticker on the top of the engine everyday i wached as the ups guy nver stopped at my placeit makes you mad and sad at the same time kepp your chin up and i hopeyou get your truck


    well.....STILL NO BRUISER!....i called them and its not sitting in customs! never was held up in customs...canada post has it!....thats what ive been told.holly I love Brittney Spears..this blows me totaly away.i demanded info on why this is taking so long..and they told me that i had to get ahold of the sended for him to fill out a retrace on the box....YA RIGHT....THATS WHEN I LOST MY COOL!:(..and ill tell you thats works..being nice dont cut it anymore!..ive waited long enough! i got rights to this also.they took my info and all the info i had and opened a file on my behalf to find out what was going on.he also didnt understand why this was taking so long..but he told me that it could be a mistake in the address that might of held this box up.they just didnt want it going to the wrong hands/or address..if theres not a match to the address listed on the box...they will hold it..i hope thats all it is.i was worried for the box to be resent back to the sender..but was told he had not rights to it soon as it entered belongs to canada post...and no to him or me..WOW!the person from canada post told me thats what he thinks is happening.I cant even go to pick it up...i was told as this belongs to canada post untill this is investigated with the info i had given them.they will now look into it with the info ive provided to see if it matches the box.well im not to happy until i see it with my own eyes..thats all i got to say...but i can sleep with one eye closed now lol.
  4. cynical

    cynical Member

    how long have you been waiting for this?


    The truck was sent by the sender on 2/18/2004!
  6. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    damn did you get it yet? I can rmeber when ou first posted about this truck 2 months back


    well..STILL NO a call from canada post friday!..and i wasent they left a message!.....they told me that they had investigated it...and could not find nothing on it or what had happened to it..even thou it showed it was they told me to get ahold of the sender to find out more info as it was out of there hands...HOLLY I love Brittney Spears!...i said to my self.I THEN LOST MY COOL!!!!:(:(.....and the phone rang longdistance...i picked it up and it was the sender calling me..and i wasent in a good mood..till he told me that he had good news!..he told me that the bruiser had showed up at his it was resent back to i was so happy to hear that..i just didnt believe that i would have this much bad luck on a trade...i got to say...the worst and longest ever!.well he told me it got there all in one piece with no damage...and that this time he would have it resent UPS w/tracking and signature! he will e-mail me all the info monday or tuesday or as soon as it was sent out.i will keep you all updated untill it shows up at my door and will post pics when i get it.thank you all that are keeping an eye out on this for me..but nothing is 100% untill i got my hands on it;)
  8. xtman

    xtman Member

    well i know you said its not a 100% but cangratss hopefully you will get it


    just a note..thank you all for your help...IM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!! was sent fedex this time and the guy spent $143US to have it sent[:0]
    I will be posting pics asap..just want to do abit of detailing work to it.i just might sell it for the right $.;)


  11. minitrucker

    minitrucker Member

    Ill trade you a rtr txt-1 and throw in 200 bucks
  12. Slammer

    Slammer Guest

    Holy Mackerel!!!!!!!!! That's a SWEEEEEEEEEET AZZ TRUCK!!!!!

    people pay stupid $$ for something similar to it on eBay.

    C O N G R A T S ! ! ! ! !
  13. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    GREAT LOOKING TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just out of curiosity how much did you pay for it??

    You are so lucky to have it, that is one person you can really trust in a trade, paying $143 for shipping to come through...

    That goes to show you that not all are out there to rip people off.


    Thank You...[:p]
    I didnt pay anything for the i traded for it.I can say that i can trust him..BUT...i just didnt understand why i never got this truck the first time he claimed he had it shipped?...Anyways im just happy that i finally got this truck[:p]
    Im thinking of selling it..and will be posting it on some forums before i might have it listed on Ebay..Thank You TREASUREYARD[:p]
  15. mr_chris04

    mr_chris04 Member

    im really happy for you man thats great news lets all of us know when u get the thing! where abouts in ontario do u live?
  16. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    its kinda funny you finaly get it, which is awsome, and now you wana sell it. Not what you expected?
  17. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    why r u selling it u just got it and was worried abou getting it so it would be a good idea not to sell it
  18. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    You have e-mail...
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