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  1. Topo

    Topo Member

    Rio Negro & San Luis Valley Railroad

    I'm still prospecting for real state for my pike, so no e-passes yet (track laying scheduled to start this summer).

    Until then, I'm busy collecting virtual funds with these RN&SLV stock certificates. :D

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  2. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Nice work!

    Wow - that's very impressive Javier! Nice idea too. Don't spend all your virtual funds in one place!

    :thumb: Val
  3. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    Here is mine for the WC & T RR Co. :)

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  4. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    J -- That's neat!!!! Really nice!!!! :) :)
  5. faroukstan

    faroukstan Member

    Un amigo desde Ciudad de Zamboanga

    Hi, there, Javier :

    Como esta, mi amigo? I hope you still remember me (?)! I had my computer crashed way back and I lost your address. I since searched high and low (in the web) for your address with no luck until I came to THE GAUGE! I still have your Certificate and it graces the wall of my (our) hobby room.

    Nice to "see" you again.....Vaya con dios y hasta la vista!!!

    Zamboanga City, The Philippines
  6. SAL Comet

    SAL Comet Member

    Muy bein, Javier. Put me in for a thousand shares!
  7. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Good idea Javier, Nice to hear from you again.

    I`ll take two,, so I am cheap :oops: :D
  8. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Really Nice Javier and cool idea also :thumb: :thumb:
  9. Topo

    Topo Member

    Hi, Friends

    Thanks for the nice words! :oops: :D
    I'm a bit busy this days, but I hope that nex week the things will be lighter. So, if you want some personalized RN&SLV certificates, send me a private message and let me know to who name should they be entitled (and your e-mail), and I will «churn» some specially for you. ;)
    (only have in mind that these pics are BIG, so your email software can take some time to download them)


    Nice to hear from you, Farouk. ¡Un saludo, amigo! :wave:
  10. 2-8-2

    2-8-2 Member

    My appologies in advance to those of you on dialup...but I think this was worth the wait:

  11. HPRL

    HPRL Member

    That is pretty sharp. You did not put down that the stock is absolutely worth nothing. Would W&N takes off and you sell it for 3000.00 you are going to have to pay off their shares. Could be like Enron Stock.

    Nice job.

  12. N Gauger

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  13. Simplex

    Simplex New Member

    Having made a share certificate some time ago for my pike, not that it raised very much money :cry: , I thought I post it here to revitilise this thread.
    I may well produce an E pass in the near future, once the wiring is completed and tested.


  14. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    I have several and some coal and lumber stock also.
  15. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Really impressive work on those certificates guys!
  16. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Oh Man - great Stuff!!!
  17. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    My two er five cents worth!

    I am finally looking beyond the logging mining and Industrial section at Zealot, and found this thread.

    This certificate is for the State Line Railroad, a narrow gauge operation that feeds iron ore and logs to my DG, CC, & W RR

    When this cerificate was drawn (back in the dawn of time , before computers were found in the household), at that time, The State line RR was wholly imaginary, as a narrow gauge RR partly owned by my RR and Mack Montgomery's M, C, & E. The M C & E has reverted to the M & N G, and the State Line Railroad now exists up on top of Iron mountain

    Bill Nelson

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  18. gbwdude

    gbwdude Member

    No stock certificates, but...

    With all my spare time in Afghanistan, I'm surprised I never thunk about making stock certificates. However I did make some other ephemera of interest, such as a date-accurate calendar from 1940, custom waybills with the railroad's logo, and letterhead. Somewhere down the line, I'd love to have a Zippo engraved with the WRRy's logo on it.

    I'll have to get on that sometime...


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  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Wow, did they really have a picture of a woman posted on it. I know that was popular back then. It may seem politically correct, but it never bothered me! :)
  20. gbwdude

    gbwdude Member

    I haven't found any railroad calendars that had pin ups on them, it was mostly gas stations and feed mills that I found had pin ups on. But it's my railroad and I'm calling the shots on this one :).

    In the works is also a rulebook for the WRRy. I'm taking guidelines from a Milwaukee Road and Green Bay and Western rulebook as well as ideas from a fellow model railroaders rulebook who models the 1890's. It's been a while since I've touched that but since I don't have a layout of my own it really isn't a priority. So for now, I'll paint and decal my rolling stock and tinker with my lokies to get them in top running shape.


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