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    As many of you know that I’m new to the hobby and just bought a Stewart Hobbies FT A&B unit of D&RGR. For the time I will not have a layout to run the train on so I have a lot of time to detail the train. I’m good at modeling airplanes so I would like to turn this engine into a show piece which I could display over a fireplace or something until I build a layout. I might possibly buy a second pair to have an ABBA unit. J
    For the most part no piece is glued in and for Rio Grande the dynamic hatch cover in the picture is the right one I believe. What is photographed in the picture I believe is correct for the Rio Grande FT AB unit (if not please correct me). I would like the Engine to be as close to prototypical within reason.
    Some people have already given suggestions on this site which were……
    - upgrade couplers to Keedee #58 which I have just done today
    - To first glue all pieces down (except clear plastic) and then weather the engine
    - Someone was telling me at a train show that Rio Grande trains where well kept and only to weather slightly if at all.
    The train did not come with handrails or any other little detail pieces. The directions say to buy Detail Associates #701 handrail kit for FTA or #702 for FTB. Should I buy these from someone else and where should I buy them from?
    What other pieces should I get?
    Windshield wipers etc. etc.?
    Keep i mind that I don't know yet which companies are the best or worst to order from and what a fair price should be for all these little parts.
    Again, any photographs of the train will help( i have not found many :cry: ).
    This is all for now….
    I will update from this thread of the engines progress and I’m sure with new questions of how to detail stuff.
    Thx for looking and for your help.
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    I hope I am not too late, but while I was searching Walther’s for FT parts, I found out that Detail Associates offers special detailing kits for Stewart FTs: #709 and #710. Kits #701 and #702 are for F3, F7 and F9.
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    No your not to late.
    Thx for posting.....
    I just bought another set of this engine so I will have a ABBA set soon.
    When the other train arrives in the mail I will start the detail of the engines.
    What are in these special sets from detail associates?? Just handrails or are there other stuff?
    Thx again.
    I will update when I recieve the other engine.
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    If you want to detail these locos, the first thing you need is photographs of the prototype from the era which you wish to represent, as railroads often altered the outward appearance of their locos over the years. Another useful thing to have is either a Walthers catalogue or a catalogue from both Detail Associates and Details West. The latter two would be my preference, although the addresses that I have for these two firms may not be current. Usually, the cost for such catalogues is minimal. Both DA and DW have either line drawings or photos of the parts, along with a very brief description, which makes it relatively easy to find the parts you need that match your prototype photos. If I recall correctly, the detail sets mentioned contain a complete handrail set for one loco, and all of them may or may not be required for your particular diesel and railroad.
    Another detail that adds a great deal to the appearance of any covered wagon (full-width body) diesel is the flexible diaphrams between the units. These are available, specifically for your diesels, from American Limited. They may affect the operation of the locos if your planned layout has small-radius curves, though, but they look great, especially in conjunction with the Kadee couplers specifically designed for prototypically close coupling of these units.

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    Good news........
    I recieved my second Stewart Hobbies FT A&B in the Rio Grande colors. Now I have a long ABBA unit. :)



    The train measures more then two feet long with all four engines hooked up together. I have attached and glued all the pieces which Stewart Hobbies packed with the train but left the window or clear pieces unglued in case I would like to weather the train later.
    Also some good news is that I might have room to build my first layout in a new house I'm moving into for two years. The layout would be small with mostlikly 18" curves and I hope it will be a 4x8.
    I have bought the keedee #58 for the Ft's but someone was telling me I should because of the small turns have longer couplers. Is this true and what keedee couplers should I get? #5? In the future when I build a larger layout I will space the couplers to the right length so I could still use the information be casue I don't know the company who makes these.
    Ok, as for the detail associates and detail west stuff I have still have not been able to find information on what parts I would be ordering. DA #709 & #710 sound right but I have still not been able to find out anything on the internet of what is in these sets. Are there just handrails or other stuff like horns and window shades?
    The diaphrams sound like a great idea. I wrote down the company for the future because as of now the train will not be running on large curves which seems like is needed for these. If I end up just displaying the loco I will certinaly buy diaphrams for it.
    Thx for all the help,
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    Those units look Great.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    I've never used the Details Associates superdetailing package, but Details West also has a comparable package of details for F-units. Check out the DRGW F-unit they dressed up:

    Hope this helps!

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