Steeple Cab Switcher Progress

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by hudsonelectric, Sep 5, 2004.

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    I Love Junk

    Nice to see you Traction guys busy :thumb:
    Jet I spend more money in the parts or "junk" bin then anywhere .
    I love it, the imagination runs wild, :rolleyes: Nobody see`s what a traction nut see`s in the "junk bin" :thumb: :wave: :D
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    SN Steeplecab

    I kitbashed a SN steeplecab from a Cannonball kit. I decided to do 653 in prewar livery (no stripes) so that I could run it along with the passenger coaches. I agree that the biggest issue is the smaller body/chassis size. You can elongate those, but then it seems to me you'd have an issue with the Bachmann wheelbase dimensions. I used the AMB sideways mounting kit, sideframes and glazing. The second major issue is the need to fabricate parts. There's not much available. I had a terrible time finding a suitable pantograph and ended up scratch building one. I've attached a photo of the resulting model, Definitely in the "close enough" category, but I may try again at some future point when my skills have developed more.

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