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    I finally got a chance to browse through my copy of the July RMC, and discovered that the NMRA is offering a reprint of Dean Freytag's "The History, Making and Modeling of Steel". The print run is limited to 750 copies, with a price of $47.95 for NMRA members, or $65.95 for non-members.

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    Those ought to sell out pretty quickly!
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    AWESOME, thanks Wayne

    Ill have to see if I can get my hands on a copy :mrgreen:
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    Try the NMRA website, for more info. These won't be around too long.

  5. I'm posting in this thread, because this has valuable information for all modelling steel mills. These links have some great reference photography.

    Bethlehem Steel

    Radomir Metals

    The latter is the corporate site for a steel mill in Bulgaria, with an animation for the processes and excellant photos and descriptions of a variety of equipment and operations, including steelmaking, pattern making, casting, forging, etc.
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    Steel Mill Coke Ovens and Coke Retorts

    doctorwayne I need your help.

    I'm modeling Walthers Ashland Steel and I have run into a problemwall1

    I understand the place for Coke Ovens but Walthers all so says if you want to expand the the operations you might want to add the Coke Retort
    building .
    I'm thinking that the structures although differant in design serve the same purpose.There for I would not need both or even though they both cook coke they serve the steel making prosess in differant ways.
    Can you please let me know so I can make a decission:cry::cry:
  8. doctorwayne

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    I think that the coke retort is what's otherwise known as a by-products plant. The gases driven off during the coking process are collected, then refined in various ways to separate the many components, which include benzene, ammonia, and light oil. In many plants, the coke gas is also used as a fuel in other mills, in re-heating furnaces.

    Here's a LINK to a thread on this topic. The area in question starts on page 5, although there's a lot of useful information throughout the thread.

    You can model the coke ovens and/or the retort (I think that there are additional ovens included in the retort kit), although you'll need the coke oven kit in order to get the charging larry, quench car, and other ancillary equipment.


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