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  1. Wyomingite

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    Hi Gals & Guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has recieved any of the new steam engines? Model Power, Bachmann, Atlas and Model Die Cast all have seem to start to arrive at most of the on line hobby shops. I have all on order but none arrived so far. Hopefully someone will have some good news to report. Thanks, Ron :cry:
  2. absnut

    absnut Member


    I just brought home a Spectrum 4-8-2 mountain and it is every bit as good, if not better, than the spectrum 2-8-0. The detail is exquisite, good power and slow speed control, pulls a lot, and very quiet. Gonna have to have another, I think!:thumb:

  3. marc gast

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    N Scale Steamers

    Since Kato brought out its Mikado a few years ago (at that time, even brass couldn't beat this baby), all of the Bachmann, Model Power, etc were garbage. Some of the older Atlan/MDC/Rivarossi, etc. ran nicely.
    Today, the new Bachmann, MDC, etc. are fantastic. Stay away from the Con-Cor stuff. Cheaply made and runs like it was made.
    Of couse, all the Marklin stuff ran like a top.
  4. jkristia

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    would it be possible to see some close up pictures of that mountain?. I have checked Bachmanns web page, but the picture they show is the HO model. I have seen the HO version and it's a beautiful, nicely detailed locomotive, so I was wondering if the N scale is as nice as the HO one.

  5. absnut

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    Here's a photo or two, Jesper.


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  6. absnut

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    Right side:

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  7. Wyomingite

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    Hi Dick,

    I'm still waiting for my Model Power with the Vandy Tender
    but this evening my Model Die cast 2-6-0 did arrive. I'm head=
    ing out to my shop in a few minutes and will let you know
    how well she runs. I'm also waiting for my Bachmann and
    sure hope it runs as well as yours. Marc, I know all about
    ConCor from experience and fully agree with you.

    :thumb: :thumb:
  8. marc gast

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    N Scale Mountain

    Just as note.

    Judging from the picture, this is not a mountain, but a Mikado.
    which has the wheel arrangement of 2-8-2. A mountain is a 4-8-2, Berkshire 2-8-4.


  9. absnut

    absnut Member

    I assure you, this is a 4-8-2 Mountain as produced by Bachmann.


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  10. Wyomingite

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    Hi all,

    Last night I ran my new MDC 2-6-0 and it ran every bit as well as the 2-8-0. One thing I did'nt care for but getting used to was that big ugly coupler on the front. I wish they melt those all down and make plastic houses out of them. Ron :thumb: :thumb:
  11. absnut

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    To remove all doubt:

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  12. absnut

    absnut Member

    I've got to see one of the 2-6-0's up close and personal to see if it will fit my time period, 30's-50's. Glad to hear it runs well.
  13. Dan Crowley

    Dan Crowley Member

    I have two of these mountains on their way to me. I must say they look fantastic. I can only hope that mine run as well as yours. From the net talk it appears as if they are not all created equal. However knowing that one runs well leads me to believe that they can all be made to run fine with some tinkering.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

  14. marc gast

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    Thanks for the photo.

    Yeppers, a very nice mountain at that! :thumb:

  15. Cinnibar

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    Hi Folks,

    I received a Model Power 4-6-2 with a "Vandy" tender. Runs very smooth and that tender is a piece of art! I'll post some pictures as soon as it arrives in El Paso, I decided to ship it to myself from Chicago (where we spent Christmas) rather than expose it to "Homeland Security" at O'hare Field. I ran it at Venture Hobbies up in Wheeling, Il. It's a beauty!

    I also got one of those Kato Power Units. Runs like a top! It's only about 26 scale feet long......tiny. It will soon be a logging Climax. Also got an Atlas "Columbia Soup"!
  16. absnut

    absnut Member


    we've got to have an "owner's report" on that MP loco when it gets to Texas!!

  17. Cinnibar

    Cinnibar Member

    MP 4-6-2


    It just came in late today. I will un pack and run it Saturday and give you a full report of my opinions. It's gonna be a long Friday.:rolleyes:
  18. marc gast

    marc gast Member

    Athearn Trains


    They are all long Fridays any more.

    Check out my thread in the HO segment on the purchase of Athearn Trains by Horizon Hobby Distributors. :mad: :curse: :mad: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :mad:


  19. Skunk Valley

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    Thanks for the info, Crew. I'm seriously considering diving into N Scale now that there's quite a bit of steam available. Your reports and opinions are very much appreciated.
  20. Cinnibar

    Cinnibar Member

    Model Power Pacific

    Absnut and All,

    Well - here are my opinions:

    Great Looks

    Tracks exceptionally well - even that 4 wheeled pilot truck

    I haven't try to max it out but it has no problem pulling 5 coaches up a 4%

    EXCELLENT SLOW SPEEDS - no stalling on switches (however I do use hot frogs) - runs at a very steady 25 or 35 scale mph.

    Reacts nicely to momentum starts and stops

    There is a "whirring" sound coming from the gear train and motor but at the speeds I run it's not objectional. At upper throttle settings it is a bit noisey.

    Compared to past available N scale passenger engines it is a quantum leap! I LIKE IT!
    Here are some pictures.................

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