Steam locos compatible with 18" radius track

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by radodrill, Feb 10, 2008.

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    I've checked my layout and noticed that there are actually several 12" radius curves and the Marklin Big Boy and it's tender plus cars all pass over without mishap. It's a combination of really good track and the articulated loco. None of this was cheap, but it really works as it should. When I see someone raving about the low price they paid for something, I always wonder what they're actually getting.
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    tight turns

    Well Riverossi 2-8-8-2's and 4-8-8-4's all run well on 18" R turns. But they overhang alot. They have a way of clearing out detail. Just plowing it away. So even tho they do run these small tight turns, it's not pratical. "They just dont look right on tight turns".
    frank toptrain
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    My Rivarossi Dreyfuss hudson is missing a corner of its cab. It worked well going through the tunnel portals on my 22"R curves...and my larger engines have never had a problem with the portals...but it lost that corner on one of them while backing up within the first week of getting it for Christmas back in 2nd or 3rd grade...
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    Steam locos to run thro tight radius track !

    sign1 Now the running of steam locomotives and their appearance while doing it are the two factors to be considered here? Maybe! For some model railroaders running big boys on 18" radius track due to layout size restrictions becomes a necessity. Other model railroaders may have issues with this. Strick addhearance :nope: to rules and regulations adopted by some clubs become major issues in their final decission announce1on what runs where and how it runs. Again others think it's OK :thumb: to stretch somethings hoping to possiable increase enjoyment at the cost of design limations. This can be ruff on the pilots of the steam locomotives as they plow :shock: away telephone poles and other neat layout additions. :cool:As with our little gif friend with the sunglasses, the cool factor can be there. Computed into the final layout decission. Some model railroaders will bring this into play, adjusting clearances, [​IMG] allowing for opperation of longer locomotives capable of negotiating tight radius turns. Learning these adjustments can be stressful wall1, but rewarding :twisted:. In some clubs, confrontation fence1 does occur between the lets do it this way and lets do it that way groups as they bang heads. Resolution aussieof these issues occurs when control is shared and a middle ground is found. bounce7 Harmony is the last factor in any decision.
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    My Mehano (IHC) 2-10-2 T2-a will run on 18" radius all day long and has no problem negotiating #4 turnouts.

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