Steam engine and Oil Drill

Discussion in 'Railroading' started by Sarteret, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Sarteret

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    This is from my latest build. I was given a still new in box of Broderbund software and paper model kit. It's called The Toy Shop. This is from 1983, surprisingly everything in th kit is in perfect condition. There is card stock paper that is preglued with wax paper over and balloons , even rubber band material that is all in pristine condition. I proceeded to the Steam engine because of my love of Steampunk but added the oil drill / nodding donkey for a friend who works out in in the oil fields as a gift. All works. You use a balloon attached to the smoke stack to activate the piston, called a wobble valve. The steam tank holds no pressure in fact it's filled with dry rice for weight. A small string attaches to the crank on the well and the Donkey nods.

    Hope you enjoy. It was fun to build but hard to make paper work as pressure piston system. The old software could not be used but someone online graciously did all the work. I just happened to have the kit and found their site. I did do some mods to the original build to make it work more efficient and smoother.

    Like I said hope you enjoy the pics.:mrgreen:[​IMG]
  2. Rhaven Blaack

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    Nice little project. Everything looks very clean. You did a GREAT job on it.
  3. b1gy1n

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    Wow,thats a really awesome looking model,thanks for sharing,Marcsign1
  4. Bob Gurkin

    Bob Gurkin New Member

    That is very nice. Too bad such a kit is no longer avaliable.
  5. Zathros

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    Ive seen this model built a few times. This is a very clean build. I did see one where this gal cut out all of the white spots and it really makes the model pop. Nice job. I like these kind of models. With all the buildings available, this could e the start of a nice diorama. :)

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