Steam and Smoke

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by vilefileman, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. vilefileman

    vilefileman Member

    Ok, fellow N scaleons.
    Who makes an N scale engine that actually steams, anybody? I know I could buy a steam generator and shove it in somewhere, but does anyone make one?
    And while I have EVERYONE'S undivided attention, does anyone know where I could FIND a LIFELIKE F40PH New Jersey Transit in N??


  2. skipgear

    skipgear Member

    The only thing I have seen with smoke in N was Rapido German prototype, or maybe it was Fleishman, something german though. As far as I know they are no longer produced but I don't follow european prototypes very close.
  3. oldrk

    oldrk New Member

    Lots of stuff made by Bachmann will smoke if you run it long enough. OK, thats a bad joke, but as with all jokes there is some truth in it. I due believe that some of the Arnold German engines do smoke. Not sure if they are still made or not. I see them on ebay now and again.

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