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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ARMORMAN, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Kjev

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    I really like the "Vietnam Southeast Asia" scheme. Mainly because the "MO" is Mountain Home Air Force Base, if I remember correctly. Their F-111s used to fly down the canyon I lived in low enough you could see individual rivets on the plane, then roll up over the side of the canyon to get out. It was really impressive to watch.

    ARMORMAN Guest


    Kjev, did I ever send you my resume'??
  3. Paladin

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    I'm tied between the Vietnam Camo scheme, and the 69th Mercenary Scheme.
  4. Kjev

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    You did. Do you have an upgraded one? if so, send it.

    Actually, I just met an individual the other day who builds paper model castles, and wants to get into mass producing kits. All my model terrain work has been one-off custom jobs, so I'm looking into what it would take. Give me a day or three and I'll see what I can come up with.
  5. Shin_kazama

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    i like the two schemes two, especially the tail art of the merc scheme!

    am now producing a Talon Video, may take a while but i think i can finish in few weeks

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Finally, some pics!

    Here's the cockpit with the final textures. I hope it was worth the wait.....:mrgreen:

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  7. Paladin

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    Very nice detail.
  8. Wbnemo1

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    sorry it's way too detailed....JK... lmao great job Mr Perry
  9. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    nice job there...

    frakking nice.

    it looks like its 1/72 isnt it?


    ahm wonder if i could rig it to light up?(switches MFD's engine glow...)

    anyways here is my new video with BSG music.

    combat videos uploaded tomorrow.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Scale is 1:48. Where's the link?
  11. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

  12. widget

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  13. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    ahm merry christmas, what happened to the project?

    ARMORMAN Guest


    It's not dead, but as with all things, life interrupts what you need to get done. I have been ripping apart the model to make it more buildable (and also, more pieces).

    We also had an ice storm here and I had to abandon my car to walk the last two miles to my work place. I slipped and landed on my elbow, bruising some ribs, so each breath is a new experience in pain (don't even ask about getting in/out of bed, sneezing, or coughing). As I said in an earlier post, there were some design errors in the prototype that I am also trying to fix as well.

    So, it is not abandoned, just slow.

    I'll try to post some updates within the next week or so.

  15. SEBRET

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    No complaints here. Rib injuries are serious stuff, hope you don't have to do anything strenuous for a while. Get well too.
  16. Nothing

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    i had my ribs bruised when when my M1 was launched 10 feet in the air off a burm and i was slammed in the loaders hatch. the ensuing medvac in an m113 is still etched sharply in my memory. you have my heart felt sympathy and i wish you a speedy recovery!!

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Unfortunately, my job consists of a lot of moving, lifting, and twisting. I am on my way out the door now, so it will be interesting to see how work goes (tylenol 3, where's my tylenol 3?!!?).
  18. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    I work at UPS, so I feel for you. I couldn't imagine how annoying it would be to do my job with that kind of injury. Maybe they will give you light duty, lol.

    heres something for you to relate to when bored
  19. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    oh frak, where's Dr Cottle when you need him?

    its ok if it goes slow, because im still enjoying popping migs with my virtual F-37.

    seriously, just take a breather.

    get well soon, take your meds, and take care dude.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Well, I've been fixing textures and getting the forward fuselage ready for build...hopefully tomorrow.

    No meds (except Tylenol PM), unfortunately, but I am able to get in and out of bed without expecting an alien life form to burst through my sides (rolling over in bed, however....).

    I'm also trying to make a base for a contest on another site (40k) I'll post pics as well....

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