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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ARMORMAN, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I've always admired your detail when creating instructions, Armorman. I said it before, and I'll say it again, when this is finished, I'm buying it!
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    This looks awesome! :)
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    O.k., I am going against the grain here. I told you before I believe you created a new assembly format, and I really mean it. I don't understand why you are using tabs, instead of instructing builders to use strips and line up the edges on the same plane.. Yes, an advanced modelers is going to do this anyways, but to have the strips already formed (by lines I mean, on the model patterns) in the instructions, would ensure that all parts are butt connected.

    For those who don't know what I'm blathering about I mean this:
    Say What.jpg

    As opposed to this: (strips are easier, much easier to cut, and leaves the part of the same plane of the edges you are going to join. Imagine if this was 1/4 inch steel, would you try and bend taps, or use a strip? The principle is exactly the same and is why I look at some models that had great effort but that out of plane edges all over the place make it look like the modeler didn't really know what they were doing. Why perpetuate this constant error in design? There are places, like tin the back of the cock pit where you can get away with tabs, and they actually make more sense, but on surfaces, no way. You're one of the top model builders. Break the pattern. Have if so when a novice builds this model, that person learns from building it that this is how you mate edges, and this is where tabs add strength. Just my two cents worth, but since you instructions are riddled with tabs, and you have not finished it. you could do this in a flash (relatively speaking). The above modelers is going to cut off the tabs, but now if there is a black line, it will have gaps in it, then comes the accrued intolerance. Just my two cents worth that only would be expressed to a designer of your caliber, and in truth, to all designers who want their models to look top notch. Not like something from Fiddler's Green. ;)

    Say This.jpg


    As I said in a previous post, due to the redesign, several pages have been rendered null and void; P. 8, 9, 10 in particular - which are the instructions in question.
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    It will be interesting to see what you come up with. This model has a strong following, and rightly so, like I wrote before, you have come up with an assembly system of instructions unique to the modeling world. IMHO. :)
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    I tried remembering how many years (and for you newer folks, I DO mean YEARS, no exaggeration) Armorman has put into this. I lost track.


    according to my files: 2004, almost 12 years ago...far too long...
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