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    Gentlemen, You must remember that I do not exist solely to make paper kits (though that may be nice). I work two jobs, am married, and have two kids that also vie for my time; as well as a house that needed a $1600 (US) roof and a deck that collapsed last week. I really like to design paper kits, but I also like to build them as well. Neither of which I have had a lot of time to do as of late.

    I am not thrilled that it has taken me 3 years to get to the point that I am with this model. It should have been a six month project max, but that is the way of things. I put in time as I have it (and had planned to take the last two extended weekends to work on it). I will post pics as they are warranted, but posting pics with no real progress ("I cut out one piece today"..."I glued two tabs today"...) is not conducive to encouraging your patience.
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    I'm sure we all really appreciate what you do, and that there is much in your life as is with many of us that keeps us from what we would really love to do. I have about 4 or 5 different paper model projects in the works, but I have stalled on a couple, and others I just don't get to because of life's obligations, and sometimes I just don't friggin' feel like messing with them. I will get them done in time, and when they are done, or at least very close to being done, then I'll post something on this forum about them.

    All I can say is God Bless you, and I hope that you can take care of all your life's needs, and if God is willing you might actually have some time here or there to do what you enjoy doing, whether that is designing or building paper models or not. Just be sure to have some time for yourself to enjoy life, and your family, they are a great blessing.

    Take care Sir!!!
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    Sorry to hear about the roof and the deck! As for the wife and kids, I understand completely. I have several projects in the works and some of them are like yours: they've taken eons to get anything done.

    I truly appreciate your models. I wish I had your talent. And I'm willing to wait. And if there's anything I can do to help (models or otherwise), please feel free to call on me.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Latest shots as of 2 minutes ago.

    Custom canopy from scrap plastic packaging off of a buck by me.

    Forward wing options for all three versions will be available.

    This will be a landing gear down version.

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  5. Shin_kazama

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    well lucky you have supporters who are patient..

    in waiting for payday
    waiting for elmer's glue to dry,
    in waiting in jammed traffic on the way home,
    waiting to send and sms message,
    waiting to see if i improved performance at work,


    well once you are done, i would make sure your model wouldnt even look like paper at all...:thumb:


    anyone has a military color palette chart?
    like ghost gray, and other grays, green, yellows, etc?
  6. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member


    make panel lines less visible, maybe change line width or color, etc..

    but no other complaints here....

    ARMORMAN Guest

    good/bad problem with cameras: they show every flaw you didn't see with the naked eye.

    BTW, my printer died in the middle of printing and had to drop $150 on a new one. The gray on the wings are correct and that's what the rest of it will look like color wise.
  8. Paladin

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    Shin, I don't have a color palette readily available, but check out this site:

    There are a great deal of camoflage and paint schemes for many aircraft. I don't know if that is what you were looking for or not!?!
  9. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    it is actually quite weird to navigate though, i click the link(rah-66) and nothing comes out...

  10. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    it is actually quite weird to navigate though, i click the link(rah-66) and nothing comes out...

    i only needed basis for most used colors used in military.

    so i can mix my own paints and match to the official color.
  11. Paladin

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    You know, it took me quite a while to find the pictures and paint schemes on that site. You have to click on the aircraft, and you may need to select a country, (when you find the link), then pick a livery. Often times the picture link is very small and buried somewhere in the middle of the page. I can try to post some pictures of the way I found the paint schemes.

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    In light of recent events, I may be getting banned for speaking my mind. I will be continuing this thread elsewhere on the web if that happens.

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    I think I've missed something??

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Easiest way to explain:

    *sadly, links to threads are no longer valid. Guessing threads were deleted*
  15. Master-Bruce

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    What the hell is going on here?!! From what I can see this place is going right down the pan!
  16. Paladin

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    Well, the admins have yanked those links as well. Looks like there's going to be a disaster. Did I hear someone say abandon ship......?

    Kind of silly isn't it? I mean anyone speaking out has been banned and their threads deleted here. Come on now is this a dictatorship or what? Anyone caught saying anything negative or that could be conceived as negative in any way shape or form will be banned and any evidence of their existence will be erased from this site!!!wall1announce1:confused:
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    Hi armorman !! I'm not sure whats going on ,but excellent work with your project !looks like its cpming along just fine for the rest of the mess theres no reason for anyone to be banned from a site for expressing their rights to freedom of exression as we are protected by our constitution to do so ...but if you do go armorman ..make sure to send me a pm as to where ever you go because i go to ....

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    " I like to think of them as battling evil....on another dimension."

    "On another dimension?!!? How many are left?!?"

    "Including yourself?"




    -The Last Star Fighter

    If things go badly, you will find me. :mrgreen:
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    I'm not sure either, but if you go, I 1) want to know why, and 2) want to know where, and 3) will follow.


    Hope these were worth the wait.

    I wanted to get the prototype almost finished before I posted pics.

    FYI: both the tail-fins and the wings fold in and down. I was going to try to engineer retractable landing gear, but that's not going to happen this time.

    I have to do some minor redesign on the landing gear and add some textures I missed.

    I also have to make the instructions. As I said early on, THIS IS NOT FOR A BEGINNING MODELER!

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