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  1. SteamerFan

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    Ok, was doing some looking for unique looking stations to build and found some interesting pictures of some.

    I really love the look od the LA Union Station, but I think it might be a bit to dull over all (but a good challenge). But taking into account the design was what caught my attention, search a bit more and found El Paso's Union Station a very good looking and intriquing structure.

    An image of it, as it stood in 1906.

    And now, after being restored:

    As you can see, a very nice building and I would love to attempt this for my layout. Just got to get the supplies and see if I can do it. stage one, begin to figure the dimensions out and draw the plans.

    Let the fun begin.
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    If you want a real challenge, try Santa Fe's old Pasadena station. I don't have a pic, but it was complicated.
  3. jim currie

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