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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by JimBrown, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Jim, I had not seen the lower tracks labeled for "locomotive facility" and "yard & interchange" before. I had thought they were an additional industrial section. The plan will work fine as drawn originally. The locomotive facility looks a little bit big for the layout size, but I think most of us want more engines than would be realistic to run on our layouts.
  2. Squidbait: The radii in the curved turnout are 18" and 20". The yard space is minimal as it is for the amount of industrial spurs, I really don't want to loose one of the yard tracks. But, I'll take another look at it and see if I can work in something different.

    Berraf: I haven't given too much thought about how to scenic the layout yet, but a divider is one of the options I'm considering.

    Russ: I should have put those labels on the layout in my first post. I'm learning. :) And you're correct, I do want to have a few more locos on the layout than is absolutly necessary.

  3. Squidbait: I just couldn't work in a curved turnout that looked ok.

    I do believe I'm going to go with the original plan. As I mentioned, this is a starter layout to gain experience, and will not be my permanent layout. As such, it does have the features I wish to use at this time. Now to get to work on it. Oh, wait, the flying season is starting (my other hobby.) I'll be spending the majority of my time on that, so I'll get going on the layout in earnest this fall. Although, I'll be poking at it here and there over the summer. If I do, I'll start a thread on the construction.

    Many thanks to all for your suggestions, even if I ended up not using very many of them.

    Best regards,
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    That's what friends are for :)
  5. And I've certainly found some good friends here at The Gauge! :wave:

    I also keep an eye on a couple of other forums, but The Gauge seems to be where I spend most of my time. :thumb:

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    When you say flying lesson, do you mean 1:1 scale..??
    If so, that's another "sideline" we share...Apart from flying RC...I guess it's natural to try to do what you can do standing on the ground but for real...!!!

    I had a ball flying 1:1...!! Good luck..!!
  7. Steamhead: No, sorry, I did not mean 1:1 flying. My other hobby is RC flying (giant scale aerobatic and turbine jets.) Although, for the money I sink into that hobby, I could get a private pilots license. :eek:

    I've thought about it, and I've gone flying with friends that have their license, but I really do enjoy the RC flying. Especially the eight or nine road trips to RC events my wife and I make each summer with the travel trailer.


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